Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guess What!!!!

Thirty-two years ago I had the sweetest baby girl!
She was so precious and a true gift from God!
Then she met this wonderful guy (let's hope he doesn't read my blog.... )
But he was also a true gift from God...
and they got married!

and.... now..... they are expecting their own true gift from God!

Thought you'd wanna know!

Due in December!!!!

So do you think my art is going to change????


Lorrie said...

Congratulations! Being a Grandma is so much fun. And I can just about guarantee that you're art will change!

Anonymous said...

How exciting life can be!!!! Adorable pics of your own little heaven sent bundle way back when! I got happy goosebumps all over when you shared that they were expecting. Congratulations to your whole family!
xo, Sue
p.s. You've been a good secret keeper haven't you?!

Unknown said...

YES! Your art will change! I suspect your grandbaby will show up with wings, holding birds, riding birds, in a nest with birds, in a nest without birds, drenched in glitter, in a nest holding a bird AND drenched in glitter,...

And that's just in your first brag book!

BTW, congrats to all and may it be a healthy pregnancy!

miss lynn said...


Jill said...

Woohoo!!! Congratulations!! My 11 y/o kept asking me last night to have another baby....then when I told my 5 y/o that Lauren (her oldest sibling who just got married) was home from her honeymoon, she asked if they had a baby yet!! Babies are on our minds! I'll say a prayer for a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Jeanie said...

That little girl with the candles -- she's wonderful! And to think that one December, she will recreate that very pose!

Congratulations, Linda! We may see a few more dollies or nursery things, but I don't view it as changing, merely expending your repertoire!

Ashlyn said...

That's wonderful, Linda!! Congrats!! :)

~*~Patty S said...

Will your are be mostly pink or blue!!!
What a sweet way to announce this wonderful and exciting news...I know you must have been ready to pop with excitement and now you can share the news...such a cute couple...the pic of your sweet girl entranced by the Christmas candles is super...I can just hear the ding ding ding...we Love those too!
Brightest of Blessings to All!

kandeland said...

Congrats Grammie!! xo

Julia said...

Congratulations! I'm jealous. But happy for you. But jealous. Still happy for you though.

What a lucky child to have you for a grandmother.

xoxo, JUlia

Suz said...

That is wonderful news, Linda Jo. I'll bet you are so excited you can hardly stand it! I know you will have lots of fun as a grandma!!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful girl and CONGRATS to her on her pregnancy! You must be so excited that your going to have a grand child this year!!
Sandy xox

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Wonderful news Linda ~ couldn't have happened to more wonderful people!
Love to you and your family ~ me

Katie said...

YAY!!!!!! I had my suspicions...