Monday, June 27, 2011

Jewelry Cases

I think we all have a list of things we should blog about one day.
This has been on my list for quite some time and I finally took some pictures!
They are hard to photograph as in the daytime I get a window reflection and at night I would have to use a flash or a tripod.
So you see which one you are getting!

Those beautiful pins, bracelets and necklaces that we make in swaps or buy from wonderful jewelry designers..... we really want to have them as art, don't we?

Here are some of mine on my bedroom wall. These are shadowboxes by Martha Stewart that I bought at Michael's a few years ago on sale. I took two pictures of that bottom box open for you....

the 2nd one had the vintage hankie tucked back in....
I see that I uploaded the wrong one.
oh well!
Above is a necklace I bought from Rebecca Sower at Silver Bella.
She still has them in her Etsy shop sometimes.
It is a favorite!!!
Above shows a charm bracelet from a swap I was in on Christian Paper Artists.
The lower bracelet was purchased online from someone!!!
Below are two purchased bracelets...
top one I got at International Quilt Festival
and the bottom one is from Anthropologie.
Below are some pins I got in a QB5 swap. Do you have any jewelry displayed?


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
The jewelry is awesome and the frames aren't to shabby either!
Hope all is well, we have been very busy and preoccupied lately hope to get back into some swaps soon!

~*~Patty S said...

Brilliant idea and so pretty too!
You have some lovely things and how better to enjoy and store them!

that background on your great key RS necklace sure is pretty that your collage?

p.s. I feel honored to have my zipper rose on your wall...that was a fun swap ;)

~*~Patty S said...

p.s.s. you didn't put your pretty felted flower pin in the last box!

Lorrie said...

What a fun and unique idea. This way the pretties are out for you to see them.

Margaret said...

No I don't have my jewelry displayed, but I will follow your example (again) marvellous idea. Love the QB5 frame and yes Patty is right, where's yours??!

carole brungar said...

I don't have mine displayed either, oh actually I wear all my pins, so I guess I am displaying them in a way!! Yours look fab!

Katie said...

These are beautiful. What a great way to display your jewels! I'm a little squirrely, so I want a mini Shakespeare bust to hang my necklaces on for my vanity. Can we say English teacher?

Suz said...

What a great idea. I remember when these were on sale. Boy, you sure had a vision. I just love what you have done. I thought they were your granny's old jewelry at first and thought that I would not have much to put in something like this but your current "special pieces" look wonderful!

Unknown said...

Neat idea to have them displayed in frames! I plan to display mine on deer antlers at the new!

Sandy xox

Becky Shander said...

What a wonderful way to surround yourself with every day is special.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!

Jeanie said...

I love this post to the max. What an amazing idea! And so many of these are really special, too, coming from your blog and online folks (Or, as Rick calls them, your "imaginary friends.") I never thought of this for jewelry and I may well take that idea and run with it -- it's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is a splendid idea, Linda! And you lucky duck to have one of Rebecca's necklaces! Loud clapping for your creativity! Xo, Sue