Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding

I set my alarm and got up to watch.
Did you?
I turned the tv on just as she started down the aisle.

I watched Diana and Charles when they married as well...

This one was so much better!

Pictures copied from MSNBC.


Bunty said...

I have watched it all morning here in the UK. The dress was gorgeous and the lace exquisite - the lace was all hand made here in the UK by the Embroiders Guild at Hampton Court Palace.

I'm not a royalist but we certainly know how to do pomp and splendour, that's for sure!


Lorrie said...

No, I didn't get up at 4 am, but at 5:30 I did catch the second balcony kiss. And lots of replays. So beautiful.
They look truly happy, don't they?

Jeanie said...

I did -- I'll have my post up on it tomorrow! (Made scones, chocolate covered strawberries, the whole bit. Loved every minute!)

Suz said...

Sigh! I didn't get up and I haven't had a chance to watch all day :-(
I can't wait until the nightly news!

Unknown said...

It was so magical to watch :)I definitely neede a nap after waking up so early.


carole brungar said...

Didn't they look so at ease with each other in the church? It was like they were the only ones there. What a lovely couple and I think Princess Diana would have been very proud x

~*~Patty S said...

I got to watch THE wedding last night and enjoyed every minute...well I confess that I did fast forward to the good parts...I hope they keep the magic in their lives!
p.s. hope you get some rain soon!

Katie said...

Her dress looks just like the one Grace Kelly wore to become Princess of Monaco. LOVE IT. Her waist is ridiculous too. I think it's easier to like this wedding..William just seems more in love or happier than Charles.