Monday, May 2, 2011

It's May!

Yes....finally it's May!
May is my birthday month... it's actually the beginning of many days set aside for me to receive gifts. Mother's Day is in May and then in early June is my wedding anniversary!
Such a great time of year.
My sweeeet friend, Natalea, sent me a birthday package!
Yes, she is so organized and it's birthday is the 2nd half of the month...
but she likes to celebrate things for extended periods!
(we hit it off as soon as we met at Silver Bella oh so many years ago!)

above is the back of the bird bookmark/hanging that says Friend on it.

I have those specimen cards and would've never thought to use them this way! So much wonderfulness in my package!

Thank you, Natalea! You are a treasured friend!


Anonymous said...

Happy May, happy birthday and happy anniversary...enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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margaret said...

Hmm... this rings a bell from last year, didn't it go on for much longer than the month of May??? yay for birthdays!!!

Jeanie said...

Happy early birthday! What a wonderful gift! And surprise! Natalea's work is stunning!

Dianne Adams said...

Such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing! Happy Birthday too.

Debra LeeBerry said...

Happy Birthday, Linda! I'm not sure of the date but I wanted to send my wishes. :-)

DeeJae (Deb)

Coleen said...

A good description on that top one would be "like mother, like daughter."
Love the bird one too. I'm a bird person myself.

Coleen in Ukraine