Friday, April 8, 2011

Henry and Louise

There is another Henry in our family...... you hear about the granddog, Henry, quite abit...
But I'm not sure I've shown you the couple known as Henry and Louise.
They are the Cardinals that hang out in our backyard.
We named them that when the children were small.
It was much easier to just say Louise is in the birdbath,
than to say "there's a female cardinal in the birdbath"!
So...thus the names.
Henry is very attentive.... but I'm sure you know that.
Here is Louise exiting her bath.
Lots of late afternoons they sit on the back fence and fuss at me if I'm outside.
I know they either want me to turn the sprinklers on for them to play in, or they
would really like it if I would go inside while they bathe.
There is just nothing better than a nice bath on a hot April day in Texas!
I just thought you should see them....
I have some other bird pictures to share soon...
there is a certain like black and white guy that thinks he owns the place lately!
Henry and Louise are much more tolerant of me being in the yard than some of the others...
See Henry? He's never far away. He had fussed that day because he wanted me to go inside so she could get in the bird bath!!!
Yes, I have a long lens..... they aren't that tolerant of me! Do Henry and Louise come to your house, too?


Dogwood said...

One word~AMAZING!
Fabulous pictures.
I love love birds and spend hours watching them out our kitchen window.

Suz said...

That was precious. Yes they do! I saw them out the window on a snowy branch and they looked gorgeous against the white snow.

Lorrie said...

No, Henry and Louise never come to my house. I wish they would.

Lovely story, lovely photos.

Unknown said...

No they don't come over 'cause they said it's too cold here ;(

Have a great weekend!


~*~Patty S said...

brilliant birdie shots and such a sweet post too dear Lidna!

that Louise is a 'clean machine' OR a very dirty girl ;)
p.s. that Henry is very handsome!

Jeanie said...

Delighted to meet you, Henry and Louise! I think your distant relatives, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby C. (Bobby Cardinal) come to my house. I always remind Gyp, "There's Bobby C." "There's Mrs. Bobby C." He'll come running but I suspect it's the enthusiasm in my voice that gets him, rather than recognition!

kandeland said...

they are so cute! got a bunch of those couple myself!xo nat

Unknown said...

I was wondering why the names sounded familiar... these are wonderful photos! So glad you have a long lens. Now you just need a video camera and a live feed on the internet. :)

Becky Shander said...

Your birdie friends are so adorable, and good company too I imagine.

Anonymous said...

I just love the little houses! What a neat idea...will you stand them all up or hang them? Looking forward to seeing them all!
Thanks for sharing~

Margaret said...

see now THIS is why you get nothing done!! I love Henry and Louise!! they both look rather strong characters, I can just imagine them demanding attention!

Coleen said...

Love the birds. We feed them at our house, but no cardinals in Ukraine.

Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Linda,
I am visiting from Carole's blog...I'm in her journal class..although I'm just getting started(hope she doesn't block access before I finish)....I read some of your later posts...we are fellow bird watchers...and yes we have a Henry and Louise...lately I've seen him feeding her so I know they're getting ready to raise another family...My Honey Bear has to be in Houston about once a month...he is head of safety and quality for his company and their headquarters are in Houston....I know it is hot there already.
Have a good week.
Mama Bear