Friday, December 4, 2009


I've seen some snow in the kitchen the last few days....
I'm making a few little glitter houses for some friends!
And I received a wonderful package this week.... a sweet surprise from Cindy Ericsson!
You can tell by the outside of most packages you receive if it's from one of your art friends!
Inside was more wrapping....a beautiful map of Hawaii and
a photo card she had made!
I love the layered dress!
Isn't she pretty!
And...look..... snowflakes!!!
Could this be a foretelling of what's to come?
It's NEVER snowed two years in a row in Houston, Texas!
Really? Yep, never since they've kept records!


Vickie said...

Hi Linda! I heard just a few minutes ago from someone in your area and she said it was snowing! I hope you enjoy your winter wonderland for today!

I sure do love all that blue/turquoise Christmas village and the cards. They're beautiful. You are so talented!!! Have a good one.

Unknown said...

Your *glitter* houses are ADORABLE! I recognize the bells! Cute use for them!

And did Cindy paint over the dymo-ed lettering? Genius! I need to try that!

Margaret said...

Oh the glitter houses!! how gorgeous are they, what a cool gift!

I love the blues and the hint of snow, sounds like she might be right!

Anonymous said...

Love your houses! I've been adding to my village - finishing SB 2008 projects. VB