Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birthdays for little sisters

My little sister had a big birthday last week.....
She thinks she's old!
I should be so young!
Of course I had to MAKE something to commemorate the day!
Something with the NUMBER on it!
I knew when I was in Omaha at Silver Bella that
I was going home and make this for her....
I had already made the sewing machine cover.... I left some of the embellishing
up to her since she is a quilter! We'll see what she does!
All the crocheted flowers and trim were
done by our Mother. We lost her in 2003.
I cut up an old doily and edged the machine cover with it.
Some of the buttons and "stuff" are from her button box
and the pink felted wool bird is from an old family blanket.
Happy Birthday to Fonda!


~*~Patty Szymkowiczw said...

such a sweet birthday post ... Happy Happy Birthday to your sis!

Unknown said...

Oooo, great box! Love your own spin on Rebecca Sower's "technique"!
The sewing machine cover is a true heirloom. How wonderful to use so many of your mother's things in the making of it.

Margaret said...

Fab!! don't you just love this Rebecca inspiration?? I'm still working through my obsession! what a wonderful personal gift, your sis is one young lucky gal! M.

carole brungar said...

Wow! great shadow box! What a lovely gift, and then to get the machine cover, which is sentimental, what a lucky sister! x

Anonymous said...

Turned out awesome!! She will love it I'm sure. Makes me want to do another one!! VB

Jeanie said...

Linda, I just love these boxes you cover in music. I wish I had time to pull some together for my show -- they are enchanting. And you can make them so specific. Beautiful work. Love it.

Debe said...

Love that you took the box idea and had your own inspiration!! Love it!! I really didn't believe it would snow but isn't it pretty??

Suz said...

What a great variaton of the Silver Bella project. I imagine your sister was thrilled!