Friday, October 2, 2009

Just a few things...

Did you know that a Calla Lily will last a good while?
And did you know they are not a lily?
Look it up!
Those are the ones I carried at the wedding on Saturday!!!!
Who knew!

Anna sent me the plaque you see it this week.......thus the Halloween decorations have begun. You know I never put any Halloween stuff up once the kids were out of the house. I MIGHT drag out the stuffed witch on October 31...but it was really just something for ME to enjoy and then put away. However.... now I have a blog and have all kinds of reasons to decorate. One must have things to put on one's blog afterall! Anyway....thank you, Anna. She is one of my sweetest real life and blogging friends that loves Halloween. She needs to meet my sister's husband!

And....then there is Emily. Emily is one of those rare treasures you find in your online life. We met on Christian Paper Artists and you've seen the goodies she sent me just a few posts ago. She doesn't have a blog...we need to work on that. Anyway.... she is into making zines and sent me one of her Chocolate Zines!!! Above is just a little glimpse.
I think I need to make a zine one day soon! And Barb Johnson.... another Christian Paper Artist girl... She sent this great RAK out with background papers! They are soooooo cool and she even included a sheet explaining how each one was done! No, she doesn't have a blog either! There are still bloggless creators out there... It was a great week in so many ways!


Anna said...

COOL - I need to be better about posting my cpa goodness.... I meant to tell u the tulle on the halloween plaque looks a little long feel free to trim it... (I think I meant to but was to rushed to send it to you.... what ever u think works best.) I got barb's rak too! They are fantastic..... I love her soot paper, masking tape and the tissue paper ones... she's very talented! Any emily is a Zine maker! COOL! What a fantastic subject to "zine" about.... mmmmm makes me want to go and eat some chocolate right away....

Unknown said...

Your blog makes me feel behind on posting on my own blog! I got one of those FuN, HaLLoWeEn hanging things from Anna too! She is so talented. I got one of Emily's zines too (we swapped). I told her it was missing a piece of chocolate. hee hee! I was wanting a piece after reading her zine and had NONE in the house!

Debbie said...

My big lilies from the wedding didn't last long... hmmm????

natalea said...

come on blogless creators! get online I say!
isn't it wonderful to find these "treasures" online?
I will be missing you at SB this year Linda!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

you've had some fun art mail of late!!!

I too don't seem to get into Halloween as much, in fact I've even taken to ditching the trick or treaters we go to a movie or something now .... how do you spell putz :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I got a rak from Barb too! What a sweetie!!! I have met so many fabulous people through blogging and CPA! How blessed are we??? And that Anna ~ she is the sweetest and the best ever!
Love you!

Margaret said...

fabbli post you've got there, glad to see you're catching up after your recent bout of wedding fever!!. What a wonderful gift from Anna, you lucky gal! I recently ordered some halloween papers and am rather hoping they'll inspire great things... Mx