Monday, October 12, 2009

Birds at Work and at Home

...that was my theme for this recent Round Robin with 4 friends...

also known as...

The QB5!

In June we started this project where we each came up with a theme for pages that were around 4 x 5. Above is front and below is back of Carole's pages for me....
they're fabric!
Bob, the Night Watchman.... he apparently
has multi-tasking issues!

These are Patty's pages! ...about The Early Bird....

note the Blue-jay corn pasters ad!

I love it...also has a Bluejay feather... Patty also has her pages up on her blog here.

Her theme was Marie Antoinette.
Here are Nathalie's pages....
the one side is about
Bernie and Freida, the
worm farmers!
She inserted a transparency
with a sweet little bird
on it!
The Cricket Whisperer is great...
note the crickets
rubber stamped!
And below is the other side... the bee
is our icon!
...and Margaret's pages....
Love the bunting as she (in Switzerland) and Carole (New Zealand) call it!!!

I love the page/card she used that had this printed on it about "message transported by pigeon"! See, this is further proof that you must never throw anything away. You never know when you may need it for your strange friends' interests! ...these are the "starter pages" I furnished.... I may have to go in and spruce my pages up abit.... I have to make my covers before I can bind these.

Be sure and visit the other QB5er's pages....I heard that Nathalie's Divas are up!


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Just came from Nathalie's and YES, her Round Robin pages are up!
Such fun to see everyone's creativity!
What a great swap to be involved in!

carole brungar said...

Very cool!You have a fantastic collection of pages!

Margaret said...

Fab to see them all together, I loved this RR, again again!!

Jeanie said...

What a fabulous swap! It would be unfair to comment on any one over another, other than to say Bravo, one and all!

Unknown said...

So great to see your pages all together! Everyone was SO clever with your bird theme!