Monday, October 26, 2009

Are you ready for all that is to come?

I can never remember the name of this vine! Do you know??? My friend, Brenda, that is a Master Gardener gave it to me after my mother died in 2003. I moved it a few years ago to this new location in the center of the yard and it is so happy there! When we have our first freeze, it will look dreadful...but who knows when that will happen here in southeast Texas!
And the wonderful joy of it is
that no matter how hard
the freeze......
it always comes back in the spring!
The above shot was taken a couple of weeks ago when apparently the butterflies were migrating! It was covered in them. Today I took the shot below... it is pouring down rain as another welcome cool front arrives!
Anna sent me a box! I'm hosting a simply wonderful Christmas swap and they are all due to me the end of this week...wait til you see it! But, in her box of swap stuff, she included goodies for me. Among them was this Emergency First Aid Kit for me to take to Silver Bella next month! She also sent wonderful paper goodies!
Anna always credits me with so much in her life.
Little does she know what a blessing she has been to my life.
She has given me the confidence
to do much of what
I do in working
with young moms
and young couples
in my church!
God continues to use Anna!
on Saturday
Get Ready!


Lorrie said...

Lots of wonderful things ahead for you. I'm looking forward to seeing the Christmas swap items. Are you referring to the matchbox advent calendars? They sounded like a lot of fun.


Julia said...

Linda...what a great alter...that is so Texas...and I know you will have fun decorating it. You may have to take a time out from all your ATC swaps! Happy Planning...Julia

Jeanie said...

What a clever idea! How lucky you will be to enjoy Silver Bella! And, it sure sounds like you're gearing up for a big "do" with your daughter's wedding. That's so cool!

Cindy Ericsson said...

I'm still trying to get my matchboxes out the door to you (hiding head in embarrassment). I've been running a sick ward since last week, but I'm going to make time today to work on these.

I love the photo of the church. Can't wait to see what you & the lovely bride do to enhance it for the wedding.

~*~Patty S said...

busy busy busy you are
that gorgeous vine covered in butterflies ... sigh!

that is the most wonderful photo of your daughter and future sil, it's just full of expectation!!!

enjoy * enjoy

Unknown said...

your garden is beautiful ..... I've no idea what that plant is as I'm way up here in the upper left corner of things (Wash. state) .... blessings on the upcoming wedding ..... and thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my blog ..... I'm sure I'll see you around bloggerland :)