Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yes, I'm one of those that voted for Kris all season long. I've downloaded more of his songs from I Tunes than I did for Danny and all I downloaded of Adam's was Madd World...
I like Adam and he will be a HUGE star! But he's not reallllllllly American Idol material. I always like the cute boy-next-door!
Have you heard him sing "The Way You Look Tonight"? "Ain't No Sunshine" is a fave, too!
But no one beats David Cook!!!!!


ooglebloops said...

I have been an Adam fan all along and wanted Adam to win - but his future is set without the win!!! Kris is definitely more all American and a cutie!! His duet with Keith Urban was great!!

Anna said...

so - as i said i am not an idol fan... but u kinda make me wish i was......... ;)


Debe said...

Guess getting Kris for your birthday is pretty cool too! Happy, happy birthday. Seems like it has been a good one!!

The Charm House said...

I loved Kris all season also! He is PURE American Idol!

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

Me too! I am so glad Kris won and was not at all surprised. But David Cook is my #1 crush. I love him. :)