Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Birthday memories...

In keeping with my birthday week.....
I dug out my old, old typewriter a few weeks ago....
Nathalie had encouraged me to do so as she has one that she uses in her artwork.
So I got it out of the attic....
I need a spring repair on the left side as the ribbon no longer advances...
or maybe the spring has just come loose... need to spend some time taking it apart.
I got this for my 16th birthday from a dear aunt
who said she would send me anything I wanted for my 16th birthday.
Well...this was what I wanted.
When I unpacked it
and began to inspect to see what it's problem was,
I realized how much I really know about this little machine -
I used to disassemble it and put it back together with no problem.
I still do that..... my friends all call me with their computer problems
because I have that no-fear attitude about my computer -
which I derived once upon a time
from my little portable typewriter!
I must share with you
that I was somewhat reluctant
to upload these typewriter pictures
to my blog because
my good friend Carole
had this on her blog
on Mother's Day
.... go look!


Jeanie said...

What a cool idea! Birthday week? I've been off line for a few days -- I hope I haven't missed it! I must read on! Happy Day (week, etc.) -- I like to think of it as "Birthday-gras" -- If Mardi gets a week, why can't we get at least that?

Ashlyn said...

I used to use a typewriter cuz my mother lived in the stone ages. ;) I was forced to do long reports/essays with it. I hated that thing on most days! I enjoyed the sound but there's no delete button! LOL Now, here I sit, wishing I had that pretty turquoise typewriter, I hated so much. I have no idea what brand or anything it was but it was a good ol' thing! Thanks for bringing back the memory :)
Hugs, Ashlyn

Anna said...

WOW - I am so drooling over the keyboard as I type...... I want a typewriter..... I think you have amazing forth-sight to keep this little treasure! Although I did find a community typewriter at my local library.... I don't know why I have not gone down and used it?????? ARGH! I still would love one of my own..... you are blessed to have this - kudos for bringing it out of captivity :) xo, me

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

how great is that machine and for your sweet sixteen too, I think it's grand that you have held on to it Linda, it's a beauty!!! AND aren't you the clever one fearless deconstructing things :)

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Happy belated Birthday! Love your typewriter, wish I had kept mine. Hope you have a fabulous birthday month.

Hugs :)


Margaret said...

Old typewriters are just great, I use mine loads, now you can type stuff and bind the pieces with your BIA, which reminds me, I've noted it's absence, has it gone on hoilday?? tee hee...

carole brungar said...


Linda Berdayes said...

I remember my old Remington. It was a great old typewriter and as a 14 year old girl I took great pleasure in typing all sorts of stories. I was quite impressed with the marking of my ideas with each stroke on the keyboard. It was an externalization of myself into the world -- somehow it doesn't feel the same when I type on my laptop -- even though now my words are in fact going out to the world!