Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Blog Banners Envy

I need to spend some time figuring out how to make a better blog banner... and a background. I don't have time to look it all up. Anyone know a quick tutorial site? I need to learn how to use my photoshop elements and do this myself. I want a cute Christmas banner! I have banner envy.


Unknown said...

And I am suffering from plastic naked baby doll envy! haha! They are a cute bunch and look perfect on the rim of the china plate. I agree that the reindeer doesn't quite do it- he's shabby looking but not very chic. heehee I cheat by not changing my banner-- just the background colors. :) Um, couldn't you just create a long, narrow collage, scan it and plug it into the space? How about your winter banners strung out? Don't reinvent the wheel- just use some of your fabulous art!

Linda Jo said...

Yes.....I just want to do something fancier. Okay...I just uploaded a photo from last year. When I get my mini Christmas banners in from the In This House Yahoo Group swap, I'll add them to the banners from the Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group swap and use that as my BANNER!!! Thanks, Nathalie...you always help me think it through. Glad ya like the naked baby dolls!!!

Cindy said...

The little house must be new then! It's adorable! Did you make it? Or is it vintage? Either way...I love it!


LOL...your word verification says SCONE...wish I had one right now! LOL.


Margaret said...

Love the new banner!! should really change mine as well! maybe I have one good pic from the latest swap!! you are a doll for writing to Susie, can't wait! the angel image is a fav of mine, she has such a beautiful face.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

OK it official I cannot find your holiday journal....but no worries! I have had a wonderful romp thru your bbb.....these babies are SO precious all in a row!!!
LOL, just read Nathalie's comments on the baby dolls!