Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mini Banners!

Merry, merry Christmas!!!
I have more pictures to upload and talk about....maybe I'll get that done today. But thought this could satisfy you for the moment! It's a mini holiday banner swap I was in on In This House Yahoo Group. I REALLLLY like the size of this. Watch out Christian Paper Artists...we'll be adjusting our pennant size for the new year!
P.S. added 12/19..... I should've told you that the banner second from the left is by Margaret of Alice and Camilla. I am sooooo excited to have some of her artwork!!! Actually I'm beyond excited!


Anonymous said...

Love the banner and Happy Holidays!!!

Lorrie said...

What a pretty banner. I like the smaller size - maybe I'll have to join in the next swap.

Merry Christmas,

Anna said...

they are great! I love how some have the beads and/or pendants on them.

Unknown said...

I still have your "WISH" manner proudly displayed. I may have to join the next swap!

Margaret said...

Gorgeous! and I don't just mean the one's in your pic, I also recieved mine over here AND I finally have a piece of your work YAAAY!!! beautiful! thank you!

Margaret said...

Aw bless Linda, thank you for my special mention. I got yours with the green postage stamp and the gorgeous gal, lovely stamp! as for the yodellers, we you're probably right, laughed my socks off at your comment!) but maybe Nathalies right should have asked him for a tune before donating!