Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey and Art were both done!

It's actually been a productive week for me! I DID do Thanksgiving. 14 people showed up and everyone seemed to have a good time and enough to eat. We have so much to be thankful for! Above is my quilt square that I mailed to Monica for Part Two of the Pink Artist Project. It seems a little plain now that I see it like this....but I'm not much of an art quilter - although I would LOVE to be! And......I made my mini banners for another swap and will mail those tomorrow! Yeah me!!!
And......below are Christmas inchies that I also made on Saturday! I didn't get dressed all day. It was great!! Ohhh....and I made this ornament below to put on top of my sister's birthday package... her birthday was last Wednesday! I've made about 24 of these in the last few days! It's a Charlotte Lyons pattern.
More pictures next post!
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving weekend!


Anna said...

ahhhh - how wonderful they all are - Your quilt square is awesome not plain! inchies are too cute .. I made some too but forgot to take pics..... xoxoxoxo cute houses.... they are felt?


Margaret said...

What a wonderful post Linda, busy?! wow are you ever, well done! fab to spend a day creating cool stuff, did you put my name on one of those banners??

charlotte said...

ooooooooh! Love that lil pink house, Linda it! happy holidays to you. xoC

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

OH, lovely little creativeness,Linda! Ver nice indeed!
I like the little pink quilt square! Don't underestimate yourself! ;)

You create in your jammies, and I'm blogging in mine! LOL

I've given you a little something over on my blog...just passin' along the love!
Have a wonderful day, my dear...

Unknown said...

I think your quilt square is absolutely PERFECT!!!! I can't imagine what else you think it needs. And your pink felt cottage is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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