Monday, November 3, 2008

Finishing up quilt show...

I bought Jill Schwartz earrings! Virginia bought a pin!
I also bought a shadowbox. Oh you KNOW we went there!! They needed a bigger booth!
Wish I had gotten her name in the her glasses. She says she keeps just replacing the lenses.
I take a picture of their booth every year...last year I think I posted the teal or light blue table.
Don't you love this!!!
I have a picture of Lesley Riley...but she was looking down at stuff. We often see her there..she always teaches. I have a great shot I took of her the first time we met her. I sent it to her and I think it's still on her web site. We also saw Jenny Doh off and on all day long...but I was always seeing her back by the time I got the camera out.
We go to Silver Bella - NEXT week!!!!


Debe said...

Hi there! I have enjoyed reading about your visit to the Quilt Show. I went for 2 hours on Thursday night which wasn't enough time. I found Jill right before the show closed but was able to buy the new issue of "Women Who Create" which she is in and she signed it for me. Looking forward to meeting you at the airport next Thursday for SILVER BELLA!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh my, how cool to meet Jill Schwartz, I love her style. Have fun at Silver Bella, I'd love to go...someday!!

Anna said...

amazing works of art!! glad you got to go to tinsel trading.... :)
those glasses are awesome!! very meryl streep-ish you should try and find some :) xoxox anna

Jeanie said...

You do know I'm drooling, don't you?! WOW! I love it!

Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

WOW! What a fantastic event! Looks like a ton of fun, Linda! ;) You are such sweetheart, and I soooo can't wait to meet you next week!!
Have a safe trip, my dear!

Kimla Kay said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea there was so much fun stuff at the quilt show! I have never been but need to make the trip. Thanks for posting about it and have a great time in Omaha. Boo hoo...can't make it this year. kimla

Joy for the Journey said...

Sounds like some exciting travels! Thanks for sending us your 'postcards'!
Sarah :)