Monday, November 24, 2008

Life after Silver Bella

I HAD to get my act together and make ornaments for a swap that's due next week. So above is a tiny peek at them. I also had to clean off the dining room table as Thanksgiving dinner is at my house Thursday!!! So Silver Bella had to be put away. Thought you'd like a glimpse. The canvas bag is my Prada Schmada from Charlotte Lyons' class. I still have to add more embellishments. And I need to make mini banners for another swap. My DH says I've over-committed myself. Really? I should never have agreed to do Thanksgiving.
You should go look at Debby Shuh's blog. Also check out Suzanne Duda's !


Anna said...

you definitely should not have committed to turkey day (rofl).... cute post! have fun xoxo anna

Just Between Us Girls said...

Your bag is coming along beautifully. Love your idea about little cowboy boot pincushions in my blog. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Do not work to hard.

Jeanie said...

Lovely! Prada, Schmada -- great name!

Have a joyful and beautiful Thanksgiving. Forgive me for not being certain, but if you were one who had been checking the posts on my other blog about grieving, I just added a new piece -- Grief and the Holidays. And if you're not -- not to worry!

Unknown said...

Your ornaments look tantalizing! And I adh to laugh about your over commitment. Don't give up the swaps, reconsider hosting Thanksgiving! heehee