Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christian Card Deck

As you probably know if you come here often, I moderate a yahoo group called Christian Paper Artists. We have produced two decks since 2005 of playing cards with scriptural themes. The picture above shows some of the cards from the 2006 deck and below you can see the packaging and back designs of both decks. We have them professionally printed. Below is one of the cards I've made for the new deck we are in the process of publishing. The theme of this new deck is Love! If you would like to have one of these decks, just email me or leave a comment and way for me to reach you and I'll send you my mailing address so you can send payment. I know, I know....one day I'll do an Etsy shop and have paypal - but for now you would have to send me a check, cash or money order. The decks will be $7 each if you get in on our initial order - which means you need to let me know by Nov. 3!!! Anyway... they are so much fun to do and make great gifts for those of us making them.


Anna said...

how awesome - all those cards! I love to look at the deck you gave me. I have shown to as many people as I can.... you know - they have to be interested in artsy stuff :) I love your card. the house in the background and the blue sky :)

Anna said...

takes me a while... your background is pink!! for breast cancer!! you are sooo sweet!

Elaine T. said...

I would love to order a deck of this year's cards. Are there any left? If so, how do I go about ordering them?

Linda Jo said...

Elaine...please email me and I can arrange to mail you a deck. I need your email addy...it doesn't show up in your profile. My email is at the top of my blog page.