Saturday, October 25, 2008

Glitter Houses...more!

I was in a glitter house swap on Christian Paper Artists. We made our house by a common template and mailed it flat to our assigned person. I got mine last week. I love it. I absolutely adore it actually. I have a real obsession with the house shape. It has something to do with my childhood and it's all pretty deep..... but for now let's just say that I reallllly like little houses. Above is the inside of the house Carla Henderson sent me. She does not have a blog...but she should.
Guess what I didn't take a photo of? The blue glittery chandelier that hangs from the roof inside!!!!! I'll do that soon and upload it. My BFF Anna made me a glitter house ...just because... and sent it to me. It is DARLING. I will take pictures of it and put those up soon, too. Gotta spread the blogging out ya know! P.S. Here is the chandelier on the inside:


Anna said...

seriously a chandelier??? no way!! how rad!! definitely photo that one :)

Margaret said...

what a wonderful idea with gorgeous results!

Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Oh, what a cute house! I see why you adore every sparkling detail!

So wonderful to hear from you, Linda. From your blog, looks like you're having a delightful Autumn!

Hugs and blessings, Laura

Jeanie said...

Another cool house! I love the idea of that swap! It's so good to be back on your blog!