Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm gone to Round Top and Warrenton, Texas!!!
Entertain yourselves by looking here:
and at these Silver Bella bellas' blogs:
Carol at Raised in Cotton is in the current issue of Romantic Country Homes! Starts on page 76.
And there is an article about the Antique Fair in Texas (where I'm going) by Heather Bullard in there, too.
Just in case you haven't been to Karla's before (another Silver Bella)... visit here:
I'll have lots of pictures to show you in a few days!


Lorrie said...

Hope you're having a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your pictures.

Cindy said...

Lucky dog! I will look forward to seeing your pics...I know you will have a blast!

c said...

wow, you put me with some great company!! I'm honored, thanks!!