Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In the House

Today I've stayed home waiting for people to come and measure windows upstairs for new blinds and also to have a new ceiling fan hung in the gameroom to replace the old one that died. So after actually cleaning house abit, I headed to the art room.
Nathalie is hosting a House ATC Swap over on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group.
I dirtied the one up here..for Barb...what do you think? Can't change it back, btw. I think it's fine.
Do you think this one with the chimney is too busy? On the back I wrote "Come home, come home, Ye who are weary, come home; Earnestly, tenderly Jesus is calling; Calling, O sinner, come home".... I love that old traditional hymn. I grew up Baptist and I feel very sure they still sing it. I don't hear it so much in the Methodist church. This one now has a sun, Nathalie! it is revised per your suggestion to add a bird, Nathalie. The bird was so did I miss that? I LOVE it now... I must copy these at Kinko's before I send them off.
So these will go in the mail to Nathalie tomorrow. Please leave any suggestions for making one better!


Unknown said...

Linda -

I like them all! I do not think that one is too busy. I would maybe add a little ink to the flower petals on the roof?? The one you called "simple" - That could be a path or a river where the boy is walking-- if you want to make it a river, add a toy boat floating along beside him -- he could be pulling it with a string.

Unknown said...

I love your additions! I know which one I want now! :) It's GOOD to be hostess!

Linda Jo said...

It IS good to be hostess! I'm glad you get to choose, Nathalie. hee hee

Christine said...

I love them all, especially Love Lifted Me. I love them when they are chock full of texture and interest.

I love those old songs too. On a hill, far away, stood an old rugged cross.....

Man, you are certainly one that brings back memories for me. We must never meet because our families would never see us again. We would talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.

Well, you get the picture....


Corbi said...

I love them all!!
I LOVE the addition of the bird!! and I LOVE the flower rooftop on entertaining angels! I also love the image in Love Lifted Me!
I don't think the chimney one is too busy. Such fun eye candy! Thanks!

Christine said...

Hi again, Linda,

I wanted to stop by and invite you over to my blog. I'm having a fun contest and I thought you might enjoy it.


Jeanie said...

These are lovely and I love the use of the buttons -- especially as a sun!

bockel24 said...

How lovely to see other people´s house ATCs! Like yours a lot!

jet1960 said...

Your art is lovely! These atc's are wonderful. I love the use of the flower petals! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway.