Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Declare Myself Exempt From Future Tagging for Weird Lists! ha

Irma tagged me to name 6 weird things about myself. I've done this or variations of it twice before.... I'm trying to think of new weird things about me....but it's so hard. ha! The rules are as follows: 1. Link to the person that tagged you. 2. Post the rules on your blog. 3. Share six weird things/habits/quirks about yourself. 4. Tag six others. And let them know they've been tagged!
Okay, so here are my weird, random things:

1.The above quilt is one I made for Jerry ver Dorn to put on The Guiding Light. He played the part of Ross Marler for YEARS. So this quilt was on the show at least twice. I do not know where it is now. But at the time our "Blossie" group went wild on the internet...this was in the 90's when the Marler twins were born. Even though this doesn't seem weird to me, hopefully it counts. Making quilts for fictious people isn't really all that strange in blogland. 2. I have to sit on the aisle at the movies and in church...or my husband can sit there and me right next to him. I'm not so bad on a plane...that's weird. So some of this is a fear of being trapped...but if I'm standing up I'm okay. TMI? 3. I like peanut butter and banana sandwiches - also good with a little mayo on it. And even better if you have Fritoes with it. 4. I really hate spiders, but I think their webs are pretty and seldom destroy them. 5. I love the smell of bus exhaust, newly mown grass, paper and new books! 6. I don't use the drive-thru at my cleaners/laundry because I like to go inside and smell the starch. I am tagging 6 others....this is VERY HARD. I have done this twice before and so I'm declaring here on May 1, 2008 that I am now Exempt from Future Tags of Name Weird Things About Yourself. Here ye! Here ye! However, it was fun...and I appreciate you tagging me, Irma. Now everyone go visit her blog! Now....Here ya go: 1.Christy 2.Chris 3.Cindy L. 4.Katie 5.Carrie 6. Patti


Ragamuffin Gal said...

I am glad you tagged me just so I can come and visit your blog for the first time! I am enjoying reading all of your fun and arty posts! My problem will narrowing the weird things about myself to only six. I like your six! I agree with the spider one. Have a blessed Friday! katie

The Other Side of Me said...


I can't believe it Your #3 weird thing is not so weird in our house. My husband has been eating, PB, Banana and mayo sandwiches since he was 5. I thought that was so weird and that no one would ever eat that. I read him your post and he said, "See, I told you that I had good taste." We got a good laugh.
Speak to you soon.

Christine said...

Tagged twice in one week. Geesh!
Okay, I'll do it, but give me some time. I have to pick 6 weird things and there is a litany of weird things about me. However, one of them is NOT sniffing bus exhaust. yuck! I used to know a girl in college who liked the smell of skunks. I didn't hang out with her too often.


Anna said...

sooo cute! - you are getting more and more interesting u fbi lady!! :) thanks for not tagging me either - I don't even think I know six people with blogs to tag back :) arrgh

Cathy said...


Best of luck being tagged. I've been tagged close to 6 times in the last month. I GIVE UP. I can't think of any more weird things to tell people about me. Especially since I don't think I'm weird. lol

Thanks for stopping by my blog.