Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kookie's Comb & Ricky Nelson

Television in the 50's! Nothing like it..... I know some of you are glad. But look at this first video.... can you believe how young Connie Stevens was? Of course, she went on to star in Hawaiian Eye and all those summer teen movies. Do you remember her name on Hawaiian Eye? And Kookie was Ed Byrnes and what did he do on 77 Sunset Strip? If you can tell me what her name was on Hawaiian Eye and what Kookie's job was on 77 Sunset Strip.... I'll send you a prize! First one to answer correctly wins. Ricky Nelson.... a real reason to watch Ozzie & Harriet! Yes, Christine...he does have great lips.


Unknown said...

I haven't a clue!

Christine said...

Her name was Cricket!
Kookie was a parking lot attendant.

Yay! I win!

Linda Jo said...

Christine...you Rule!