Monday, April 7, 2008

Beads and Birds

Friday I went to the Jewelry Show in Houston...I think the real name is International Gem and Jewelry Show. Anyway, I've been friend Connie likes to go and so I - good friend that I am - drag myself there. ha! She looks at gems and I look at stones. I wish I was a jewelry maker, but I can't do everything now can I???? But I did buy a turquoise necklace. And I got some watches for $6. Also got some more hand charms for those dolls I'm going to make one day. I have a little wooden church birdhouse that I usually cram the door shut every summer with a paper towel or cotton to keep the wasps out...but a small bird has set up housekeeping there already. I guess I'm going to have to slide the grill over slightly or we will have baked wrens. If anyone knows what kind of bird this is...tell me. She or he is quick so these are not the best pictures. Won't the babies be fun to photograph! Yes, that's him sticking his head out before he flew away for more pine needles. I've only seen the one...of course it's not like our beloved Cardinals - Henry and Louise - it's hard to tell male from female on this one.


Anna said...

soooooo cute - love the birdie

stoked on the gem show matt would have loved that :)

Jeanie said...

How fun to finally see birds in the house. Of course, you're farther south than Michigan -- you actually have leaves! But soon, I think!

The jewelry show sounds like great fun and I am enjoying your blog! So glad you popped by mine!

Anna said...

thanks 4 commenting on the maqi blog.... i wasn't able to upload my pictures this morning so check back again (tonite) to see the entry i was REALLY talking about........ (sorry for the mix-up) btw - you get a card by default - you are pretty much the only one who comments on my blog anyhow :)

Anonymous said...

oh! that show looks like it was lots of fun!
xo natalea

Unknown said...

Linda -- I think your house guest is a black-capped chickadee! He certainly looks cozy in there poking his little head out!