Wednesday, April 23, 2008

An Ant Wedding?

A lacey spiderweb is being constructed on my gate... do you see her?

The rose bushes are going wild!

I had decided the ants had built their mounds large enough... there were two pretty close together on my patio. So I drug out the ant poison. If you live in South Texas you keep Fire Ant Poison. It's a staple.

After I poured the poison and watered it in... I was noticing the ants were carrying something red. I have a macro setting, btw...they are big...but not THAT big!

They are gathering rose petals!!!!

My friend Melinda called and I asked her why do ants gather rose petals and she said that maybe they were having a wedding. Oh my goodness! I killed them!!! Charley saw the whole thing!!!


Anna said...

oh.... what a SWEET story! ok - maybe not the part about the ants dying and all... but super cute! I admit to buying fire ant poison when we lived in kwd...... Melinda is such a sweet lady - send her my love!!! Oh and charley - such a loveable face!! An albino spider??? Did I spy him/her as a transparent leggy thing (top right side of pic) The boys are into Charlotte's Web right

xoxoxox Anna

Anonymous said...

Uh oh...... Charley looks a little disappointed with you. Looks like he kept trying to tell you.
Many hugs!!!! Amanda