Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm in Austin

I'm at the OGEI Invitational at Barton Creek Resort in Austin. It's an annual event we attend and is always a highlight of our year. I'll post pictures when I get back next week. Tomorrow the wives (me) are going to lunch at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Museum. This has to be one of the best times of year to visit there as we all know it's Bluebonnet time in Texas! The wildflowers were gorgeous driving west from Houston to Austin today! I restrained myself and didn't take any pictures.... believe me I have enough. But I bet I'll take some up close tomorrow. And...there's a gift shop! On Friday we go to Gruene, Texas to shop and have lunch at The Gristmill. I got a great rusty birdcage in Gruene a few years ago (the Windell twins were in high school). So guess it's been awhile. I bet no one that reads my blog knows who they are. (local church girls) Anyway.... I went with the senior highs on a rafting trip down the Guadalupe and we stayed at a church in Gruene. Then Saturday is spa day and shopping. Each night there is a theme and entertainment. Tomorrow night is country western and Gary P. Nunn will perform for us. Tonight was just tropical, poolside dinner. Friday night is Black and White Casino Night and Saturday is black tie. I'll be back to posting Sunday or Monday!


Unknown said...

Wow! sounds like a cruise! lol Meanwhile us mortals are continuing our daily grind- LAUNDRY! I can't wait to see your pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun Linda! Have a great time! xo natalea

Anonymous said...

I know the Wendell twins, and yes... that was more than a few years ago if they were in high school ;-) I didn't know you were going to Gruene!!! I'm jealous. Go to the winery across the street... buy the wintini mix with the pina colada wine... it's great!!!!

Anna said...

SPA!! get a pedicure for me :) and the wintini that debbie recommended too!