Friday, March 7, 2008

Artist Trading Cards and Italian Fashion and Diva Birthday

I have my atcs finished for the "women atc" swap over on Christian Paper Artists yahoo group. Nathalie is hosting the swap. I love these faces...they are from Nordstrom ads. I use those ads a lot. I scanned them before I added scripture to them. I wasn't sure what scripture to use...but at bible study on Wednesday I found it. I'll scan one later with the scripture on it. You are going to love it! The snow got close last night! This picture is from the Bryan/College Station, TX area ... which is where I go to those football and basketball games! Snow flurries were predicted as a POSSIBILITY in my area last night.... but I don't think they happened. The sun is shining brightly now and I think it's in the 50's. I haven't ventured outside today yet. Yesterday I met my sister-in-law at a fancy clothing store at The Galleria for a style show and luncheon. Max Mara, or The House of Max Mara, is an upscale, luxury Italian women's fashion house most famous today for its high-fashion ready-to-wear clothing. I copied that sentence off the internet. That stuff is so wasted on me. I tried to be pleasant... I smiled a lot and I think I was nice enough. My sil loves that stuff. I did get a great goodie bag out of it! Yes, I love to watch Project Runway - and I'm so glad Christian won! But what I love about it is watching the creative process - the clothes are definitely not for me. Anyway.... my sil is a sweetheart and I love her - I appreciate she drags me to these things and puts up with me. Then I had the Dirt Divas over at 5 to celebrate Lori's birthday. Did I take any pictures? No! I do not know why..... but only 4 of us were there and one was in San Diego and another went to see "Hello Dolly!" at the theatre - oh, puhleeze .... where are their priorities? We are getting VERY CLOSE to Post #100!


Anna said...

LOVE LOVE the atc's!!! SOOOOOO cool girl - you are amazing :) I have been thinking of getting this lady to draw up a cartoony pic of my for a trading card... maybe i should do it before cku.....????

Unknown said...

FUN ATCs! A departure for you and I LOVE it!

The fashion sounds fun too! I have never been to one. I'd be there for people watching and the goody bag (I never turn down anything free!) I love fashion, but don't have the figure and no place to wear anything nice- it would be wasted on shopping trips to Walmart and everyone would think I was uppity. heehee