Friday, March 21, 2008

Bird Inchies!!!

These are SOME of the bird inchies I made for the recent swap I hosted on Christian Paper Artists yahoo group. I will scan the ones I got in the swap very soon.... I will, really! Now I'm hosting a dog inchie swap and a butterfly/bug inchie swap. You should join!


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Your birdies are so cute!

Would love to see your other inchies.


Unknown said...

You made ALL of these? Wonderful, wonderful!!! You have many styles I was not aware of. You GO Inchie Girl!

Anna said...

ok..... i wanna join! butterfly and bug swap.... i JUST joined CPA.... so i'm gonna figure out how to join your swap soon.


Laura Kirste Campbell said...

How wonderful they are...oh how I love them all...(singing like a little bird in the spring)!
I'm so blessed to have received two precious bird inchies from your creative hands! Thank you for sharing with me. They are my delight!
Creatively Yours, Laura

Jeanie said...

Our ATC group is having its first inchie swap -- any topic. I've never done inchies before! This will be fun -- love yours!