Thursday, February 28, 2008

Angelic Art Award

The Angelic Art Award was given to me by Nathalie earlier this month. That was so very sweet of her.... she is one of my favorite artists. I know I inspired her to start a blog... so that is certainly something I'm proud to have accomplished. ha! So I am here to pass it on. I am to award it to five bloggers that inspire my creativity daily. So here goes:
Natalae that I met in November at Silver Bella - this girl does more in one day than I do in a week - she is so consistent in her love of pretty things that have a certain sweetness, plus she's a wonderful person.
Beth was at Silver Bella - but we forgot to get together! We had emailed before the event and we read each other's blogs.... but well, if you were at Silver Bella you'd understand. Anyway, her blog is a delight and is always FULL of inspiration. Check her out!
Tammy... another Bella. Now, I did meet Tammy and she is a sweetheart. She was inspiring me before I even knew she was going to Silver Bella - if you check out my blog waaaaay back you will see how she inspired my banners.
Cindy - yep, another Bella. I can't help it. These girls really "get me". Go look!
The fifth one... I just can't decide... there are too many of you. So....the fifth one goes to YOU. If you are reading this, chances are good that I read your blog, too. Take this award and place it on your blog and reward someone else. Consider yourself hugged.


Unknown said...

It's never too late to display an award. :) I love to check your links to your Bella girls whenever you write about them. I always see something NEW I wouldn't find on my own!

Anna said...

wow - that's really cool art work and super sweet of your friend to award it to you :) you definitely deserve it! you are a super star!! shine on girl :)

larin said...

You are definitely an angel artist! I always love th work I get from you in our swaps and your leadership in our group is thoughtful and inspiring.

Thanks for visiting over my way, too. The banner is recently up; I like to change the photo behind the name with the different seasons (or sometimes just moods).

Blessings to you! --LaRinda

Unknown said...

Linda, thanks so much for the award!!! You are the sweetest!

Tammy Gilley said...

Thanks for this, Linda, you sweet thing!! xoxotammy