Monday, February 4, 2008


Natalea tagged me to tell 5 random things about myself. Here is hoping you haven't read my list before because I will probably repeat something...especially my quilt story: 1. I made a quilt for The Guiding Light back in the 90's. It appeared several times in the Marler home. Jerry ver Dorn suggested to me that I make one and send it to him. Who could refuse? So I made a small baby quilt for the Marler twins. 2. I worked for the FBI in the 70's during Watergate, Patty Hearst and the Viet Nam war! 3. I can't seem to keep my dining room table cleaned off for more than a week, it's always a "way station". 4. I have to sit on the end of the aisle. Don't argue with's how it is. 5. I am never bored at home!


Unknown said...

YOU worked for the FBI? Wow! That's wilder than fiction!

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda! I'm glad I tagged you! I didn't know these things! The Guiding Light Quilt!! The FBI!! And I'm so happy to hear that we share the same diningroom table dilemma! Well, it's not a "dilemma" for me per se, more for the "Manager" if you know what I mean! Ha! That table is like my life-center! And I like the end of the aisle too, but it's definitely yours if we ever attend a movie together! have a good day and thanks for playing along! xo natalea

Anna said...

fbi..... why did you not tell me sooner? how secret agent of you :)