Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last Saturday I spent the day with the two men in my life! We drove to College Station, Texas and watched the Aggies get beat by Nebraska. was a beautiful day and just nice to be together. It doesn't look like the Ags will make it to March Madness this year ... that's sad .. however it does free me of a great deal of stress.
Did you see that Yao has a fracture in his left foot and is out for the season? My poor Rockets. Well, they still won without him last night. We shall see.
I plan to do ART tomorrow! So there will be pictures of art.... I promise! Today I had to do my "marriage nugget" in Young Mom's Bible Study. No, I'm not a young mom... I'm a "seasoned mom". ha! I don't like speaking in front of the big group - but God got me through it! They seemed to enjoy my nugget... it was about that thing it's so hard for us to share with others about our husbands - we are embarrassed for others to know. The gist of it was - Our hubbies say some really dumb things at home...makes you wonder how they hold down a job sometimes. But I assured the girls that it is normal and most men are this way. They feel loved and safe at home and can let that little boy out and the women are a blessing to provide that safe sanctuary for them. You get the abbreviated nugget - although the actual one wasn't TOO MUCH longer.

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Anna said...

I wish I was there to hear it... sounded like a great message! Thanks for sharing it with the greater public of linda jo followers :)