Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One day...

A friend sent me the Splenda Flavor Blends for coffee. It's pretty yummy.

I'm waiting for an installer to arrive. Finally picked out some new light fixtures...out with the old gold brass stuff. One of the fixtures hangs in the entry hall from the second story....should be interesting. I have brought art down that needs sewing to occupy myself once they arrive. I don't want to watch. I still sew at the kitchen table...one day I'll rectify that. One day I'll have a dream "studio", too.

I have to call people to come and rip my bathroom apart and make it better. I do not want to do that....but apparently that is the only way it will get done. I have a painter coming tomorrow...I have taken some baby steps....one day it will be all finished and then we'll move. Meanwhile, I'll drink coffee and plan.


Unknown said...

You have a GREAT friend who sends you treats in the mail like flavored Splenda and butterfly wings- HAha heehee! Uh, I thought you HAD a dream studio space. The pictures I've seen in the past looked pretty good.

Linda Jo said...

Yes....apparently you are my greatest friend.... I hated to admit that on here...I get all the good stuff from Nathalie. There ... I said it. And I don't have a DREAM studio...just a "studio". I want it to be downstairs so I am set for my old age that starts next year. ha!