Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mailing a Swap

These are a few of my buildings for the Unruly Artists Skyline swap over at InThisHouse Yahoo Group The houses above have addresses like #3 Petal Lane and 402 Icy Ewe and 7 Rocky Crown. The above skyscapers are Acme Paint HQ on Gesso Circle and The Wirey Bldg. and The Staples Building. After I scan things I seem to always go back and made adjustments. I added doors to the Wirey Bldg. and The Staples Bldg....just used rectangular silver labels. This is obviously the FBI, with a googlie eye on the front of the structure, along with a sweet house, candy shop and a home on Listing Lane (made out of a phone book page). It will be hard for me to mail these off. It's a 21 for 20 swap with Angela Cartwright. She and Sarah Fishburn have a new book called In This House. There were size constraints and the houses are done with business cards glued together. These are meant to be a border around a room. The variety of houses that have been uploaded on the web site is incredible...can't wait to show you what I get back. These are due the end of the month. So into the mail they go TODAY!

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Carrie Barron said...


Great houses. I like how you "addressed" them. Thanks for checking out my blog. And thanks for your encouragement and kindness through CPA.

I'm off to work. I need to make two birthday gifts and cards, and something for a Favorite Things swap with Red Velvet Art.