Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hurricane Harvey

The photo above was taken from a neighbor's house before they evacuated. 
They were upstairs looking out a window.

Below was taken by another neighbor as they went by in a boat.
We had left the night before in our truck.

Being who you are..... I thought I'd show you a few art room losses...

I'll try and share more later....... just wanted to drop by and say I am here and we are doing fine.
It's just going to be a long process to rebuild.  But don't worry about us.  We will be back and I'll be back in my art room with A LOT less stuff..... which is probably a good thing.

The pins above were made in a QB5 art pin swap many years ago. 
They fell into the flood water and even tho they don't look too bad in this picture..... they were unsalvageable.

But I cherish the memories!
That's what's important!


Jeanie said...

I will never, ever say that flooding is a good thing because it is simply tragic, as well you know.

But as you pointed out, if there is ANYTHING good you can grab onto from it, it is ridding ourselves of a bit of stuff. Of course, if it's the irreplaceable -- photos or very personal things -- well, that's a different story. When i flooded more than a few years ago, it was an opportunity, albeit a messy and very sad one!

I am just grateful you could get away in the truck,be safe and that things aren't a total loss. But boy, I wish I lived close enough to help you haul and toss and paint and all those things that will help you get back to normal.

Donna said...

Hoping for an up date, my thoughts and prayers with you during the flood time. I had remembered a photo of high water you previously had posted. Praying for you and neighbor's!

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Susan (Angel Numbers and Symbolism) said...

I know, dreaming about a house flooding is scary, yet have a flood in a real life.