Friday, January 17, 2014

Will I Ever Run Out of Sheet Music?

This morning I went to an estate sale.
There was sheet music there!
I always buy a little..... I'm afraid one day I will run out!
You know how that is?
I got two thick books of it for 50 cents each!
Peggy alerted me to the sale on Facebook last night!
Big thanks to her.
Turned out I knew the couple that had lived in the house.
The wife was the last one to die.
They went to my church.
Does it make it harder for you to buy stuff or go through it if you knew the people?
It definitely gives me a different feeling.
Quite often I do know the deceased when it's an estate sale in my area.
(I've lived here a long time.)
But once I realize who the people were,
I often look more tenderly and know that
they valued these things and enjoy having something of theirs.

See the doll in the photo at the top?
Great condition!
And I'm sure I had one as a child.
The papoose on the back is there as well!

There wasn't a lot of great stuff as I'm sure the family kept a lot.
And I think this was the 3rd day!!!
But I was glad I could contribute some to the sale....
Even when I think something is priced too high,
if I think of the family it helps.
Do you go to estate sales?


~*~Patty S said...

what a sweet doll and papoose ... it's nice you could give them a good home...
and sheet music always tempts me too ... I find it a bit challenging to use originals in my collages because it's usually nice on both sides, but I definitely have enough now that I am trying to use originals ...

I am making a concerted effort to stay away from any of those kinds of sales...
I can get sentimental over other people's 'stuff' in a heartbeat whether I knew them or not and feel the need to rescue it LOL

you did good Missy!


Jeanie said...

I love estate sales -- well, good ones. But I'm trying to stay away because I really don't need one more thing! But I think it's almost easier to buy something when you know the people -- although if I liked them, I might get attached. I always look for music and almost always buy it. I especially like those little 5x7 song books -- they're just the right size!

Unknown said...

Hi Linda Jo,
I absolutely love estate sailing. Not only do I find useful things, like you, I also find treasures from a person's life that I am able to give a new home and life. My favorite sales so far have been a female architect's estate and Miss Poland 1958's estate. How about you? Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.