Saturday, January 4, 2014

Lingering Magic

Great fireworks on New Year's Eve at my friend's house....
at least on her street!
The gang below didn't want to be packed away!
I looked them up on Ebay and told my daughter their value.
I'm afraid she'll throw everything out when I'm gone!

 (all these photos were taken with my iphone....... it's the only way I know I will actually
get them on the blog in a timely fashion.  I upload them to the blog with the Blogger app.)
Below is the deer I had on my Wish List!
My son and his wife got it for me.
(mostly his wife I must say)
I can hang things on his antlers (but you knew that)!!!
And yes, those antlers come out.  They are wire.
It's from Wisteria.

Hard freeze coming tomorrow night..... my things are all still blooming.
My lemon tree is blooming it's little head off...
also the Christmas Cactus.... They are all huddled together on the side patio.

Do you have any magic happening?


Lorrie said...

Well, it was a beautiful frosty morning and now the sun is shining and everything is melted. I`m feeling energized by the brightness - that`s Magic for me!

~*~Patty S said...

those wee folk do look wayyy too cute to pack away!
your deer is fabulous...

while you have lovely blossoms and blooms we are enjoying what feels a bit more like a "real" winter with snow on the ground and a real nip in the air...

I enjoy the magic of snow glistening and want to try and blow some bubbles outside to see if they freeze...when the wind dies down ;)

Happy Weekend to ya

Jeanie said...

That deer is to die for! Good DIL! Hope you can bring in the plants till the freeze passes -- they're so pretty; it would be a shame to lose them. (Out here, they wouldn't last a good 30 seconds!)

You're funny about the eBay -- I can so relate. I tell that to Rick, too. "These are the shiny brites -- don't throw them out." Or, "These you'll want to sell or give away." Well, you can't be too careful!