Friday, May 17, 2013

It's stilllll May!

Remember when I showed you this?
Well, my daughter got it for me!
It's her combo Mother's Day/Birthday gift to me!!
For now it's on my kitchen bar/counter.
I love being able to see the back and the front!

My sweet daughter-in-law (and son) got me the candle that is in front of it...
along with a bag of other stuff from Anthropologie!
They know they can't go wrong at Anthropologie!

Patty sent me this gorgeous bird cross that is art from Haiti.
(for my birthday)
On the left is an angel that I bought when Rebecca Sower was
helping sell Haiti items....
These two are perfect together
I am going to have to find a third
to go with them!

(Patty didn't know I had the angel!!!)

..... about those previously mentioned classes.....
I just snapped my table top because I'm too lazy to do more than that right now.

So you are getting all iphone pics today....

these are just background pages mostly..
I'm taking the 21 Secrets class.
  I'm having trouble giving you a link without my log in page....
so if you are interested in it...
just google it.

 It's a great class...... 21 different artists.
The collaged page on the bottom is what I did in
I really enjoyed her lessons!
Happy weekend!


~*~Patty S said...

still May and it's party time for the birthday girl :)

your daughter is a good listener Linda...I Love that piece...
a perfect gift for sure!

and how about you having two pieces of Haitian oil drum art...the birds needed to fly your way!

Love your class papers ... what a lot of rich and beautiful textures...can't wait to see more!

Have a wonderful birthday weekend Missy!

Jeanie said...

It's your birthday? What's wrong with my FB that it didn't tell me! Oh, happiest birthday, my friend. And what a wonderful daughter and friends you have -- they know you well and it shows. I suspect the generosity of their gifts is second only to their generosity as friends and family.

Happy Birthday!

Unknown said...

I love that bird cross (Patty has an uncanny sense for picking the perfect gift!)

Your pages look lovely together. Makes me want to go make something. ha!

Unknown said...

Happy belated birthday Linda! I love that figure! Show us what you make from the classes. Have a great week!

Sandy xox