Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I really am doing a few art things....

Currently taking Kate Crane's Journal Soup 2 Class online.

It's fun.... I took her Journal Soup 1 in 21 Secrets last year.

What are you doing?  Are you taking a class?
Are you going to take a class soon?

There are so many classes out there!
Is anyone taking the Mixed Media Studio Class in October?
I would like to...... but I can only do so much!
Let me know!

Monday, September 8, 2014


I was looking through some fabric scraps the other day...... searching for some to use for fringe on a scarf I want to make that I saw on Pinterest.  Came across this little stack of blocks!

I really used to make quilts!
Seems like another lifetime!

What did you make in "another life"?


Saturday, August 23, 2014

ICAD 2014 is Complete

I finished!!!!!
Here are a few faves of mine not previously shared. I can tell what I was being influenced by on each!

Above was inspired by Pam Garrison. 

Below sketching ..... Mary Ann Moss class.,..
These were some prompts....

I was reading my old Teesha Moore zines:

     I'm glad they're done!!!!

     I wish I could center my images when         using Blogger on my iphone!

Oh well...... At least I posted!  How are you??? 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Good Week

                        Busy week with my grandchildren!!!!
        (At a great nursery in Richmond, Texas called Enchanted Gardens!)

                           They are growing Soooo fast!

Monday, August 4, 2014

I Do Love Index Cards

This is my Donald Drawbertson homage! I LOVE his stuff!

Below is just a childhood memory...........


Are you making anything this summer? I'm about to start a Halloween project.... but I've been SO bad about blogging.......... I must post some things from the summer............

These are my ICAD 2014 CARDS...

Did you do this?  I did it last summer as well.  It's a June and July thing.... I am not finished... I got behind... so I'll be finishing in August.

Below is my Teesha Moore card....

They really are sooooooooooo fun and such good therapy during the summer.... daily art on flimsy 3 x 5 cards! Love it!  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Am I Missing Something?

One thing I learned in Italy is that most sculptures lose their fingers, 
extremities and heads...

If they are lucky they get repaired........... correctly.........

(always look at the neck line to see where they lost their head!)

Some are still headless in The Vatican.... 
remember all those heads on the shelves in the prior post?

This one below...
HE lost his head...
but they attached a woman's head to his body
when they repaired him.

(We had a great guide at The Vatican!!!)

Laocoön and His Sons

Fascinating history of this piece here.

When the statue was discovered, Laocoön's right arm was missing, along with part of the hand of one child and the right arm of the other, and various sections of snake. The older son, on the right, was detached from the other two figures. The age of the altar used as a seat by Laocoön remains uncertain. Artists and connoisseurs debated how the missing parts should be interpreted. Michelangelo suggested that the missing right arms were originally bent back over the shoulder. Others, however, believed it was more appropriate to show the right arms extended outwards in a heroic gesture.

You can read what happened at the link above..... 
but in 1906 an archaeologist found the missing arm.
In the 1980's the original arm was reattached.
Note that it was bent as Michelangelo said it should be

Monday, July 7, 2014

Heads to Spare!

You know that I love a good doll head that's old and been separated from it's body.

When I was at The Vatican in May, I loved all the heads....

Wouldn't you love these two sided heads in your garden?
Or better yet........ on the mantle!!!!

They have shelves of extra heads....

Sculptures lose their fingers and arms pretty quickly
over hundreds or years....

And, of course, their heads!
Sometimes they get reattached...
In fact most of the sculptures have had their heads reattached.
I'll try to dig up some of my photos showing the broken lines!
  ...anyway, thought you'd like these heads.........

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger!