Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Bigger Flood

It was Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA and it was flooding in Houston..... again.
I've lived in my area since 1979........ in Houston since 1972...... and we certainly have some floods in Houston.  1994 was the worst I've seen in my neighborhood. This was not as bad as that.  But it was bad enough.  We had a river flowing down the golf course behind us. No land to be seen on Sunday

My "yard guys" did show up on Saturday!  

Since you couldn't play golf............

  The next picture was on Saturday night before all the land disappeared.....

I was close to putting up a sign on the back fence warning of the presence of water moccasins, 
but after one was in my yard I wouldn't go back in the yard!  Let those people in the water learn the hard way!

 Yesterday land appeared! (I feel like Noah!) And today we see the sand trap!!!!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Rained in Houston

  I've gotten so I use the Blogger app on my phone to upload my pictures to my blog.  
Then I forget that I did that.  
So these are a little late getting published.

This is a picture of my knock-out roses a few weeks ago.  I cut them all the way back and they came back great!  The golf course looks good, too.

And then ......... it rained in Houston......   A LOT!!!!
And where I live didn't get the worst of it.
But...... that rain has to go somewhere and one of the places it ends up is in the San Jacinto River, which flows into Lake Houston and then to the Gulf of Mexico.  I live close to the river and the lake.

If you can't play golf, you can fish! DH and neighbor caught some catfish!

  City of Houston......... lifted that image off the internet somewhere....


The deer finally showed back up.  

And it finally started to recede.  It was all gone by Friday. But it left a mess in a lot of places.
People that live on the river were flooded.   Lives were lost.  Water is a powerful force.
Nature is a powerful force!

I am so thankful we are okay.  Our children and their families were safe as well.
We were never worried about our house as we sit up from the course...... about 5 feet up... the pictures look like it's closer than it is.  And then our house is up a hill and higher up.

So thankful!
More storms headed our way tonight and tomorrow in south Texas.
Praying for dissipation.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016

This is my daughter and her family with Frank and I on Easter morning at our church.
Our church has had a flower cross for over 30 years and I have pictures from almost all of them.
The children are encouraged to bring a flower to put on it 
and they do that in their Sunday School classes.  

My granddaughter is very into her "babies" these days.
She calls them her daughters. One of them was "throwing up" and she
had to leave it at the house that morning!!!!!

On Saturday there was an egg hunt at the church....

There were also bounce houses, slides, etc.

Confetti Eggs!

This is Ben and me .... he got to go take a much needed nap in the church nursery.

My son and his family stayed at their house and attended
their church on Easter....... this is my other
grandson at that cross.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!
He is Risen!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Checking in from Gruene

Spent a few days in the Texas "hill country" in early March. 
Shopped and dined in Gruene, TX  (pronounced Green) a couple of days. 
 This is a photo of DH and I in front of Gruene Hall. 
I think I may have taken a picture of two inside on my phone. 
I'll look and add if I did. (I didn't want to look like a tourist.)
Gruene Hall was built in 1878 and is the oldest continually run dance hall in Texas!  
So it's kinda special around here. 
I like the picture in b&w best. We look like original honkey tonkers.

Below is the view of Canyon Lake from the rental house....

A little unproductive fishing happened....

Three generations.  The "thumbs up" is the Texas A&M signal for "gig em".
We train them early.

Below is my son, his son and wife.
New baby due in May.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Magnolia Weekend

My daughter and I drove to Waco, TX for the weekend! Wanted to visit Magnolia Market. 
If you watch HGTV's Fixer Upper, you know what I'm talking about!

It was great! They now have a 4,000 sq ft store with loads of stuff in it.
A lot of the items Joanna uses in the houses she decorates are there.
I suggest you go during the week if you can.
We went on a Friday afternoon and it wasn't too crowded.
We went back over on Saturday to take more pictures to share and it was a ZOO!

There is going to be a bakery in the white building on the corner.  They've thought of everything.

My daughter is holding a sign we loved. We didn't buy it though.
I have no place to hang it.

They have a huge astro turf area outside the store. On Saturday there were a bunch of Food Trucks parked inside the fence.  Tables and benches, balls for the kids, etc.  Bathrooms.  Everything you need!

Below is the garden area.........

This shot below was just inside the front door......  lighting wasn't great.... it's a mailbox with little books flying out of it. Very "Anthropologie"ish!

And those are real wood slices glued in the mantle opening!!!

We think you should go!!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Boxes Continue

Waaaaaay back in 2014 I took Misty Mawn's Full Circle class
and fell in love with the Exploding Box!

(Edited on Feb 5 2016.... just so you know.... you can google exploding box and see lots of tutorials and options. They've been around a long time!)

I've made a few and some I've sent to the QB5 Group on their birthdays in 2015.

This box was mailed to Carole in New Zealand.
The thing is that you can mail these flat ...
which is a big deal really! 

 I added some fabric to Carole's since she's the quilter in our group........ our group is "kind of defunct" but we still email and talk on the phone and message each other!

The box below was mailed to Nathalie.......... they all have some bits collaged in them that would remind us all of one another..... from prior swaps, etc.

Now we move on to Patty's box...

They all had an old public library card from the great stash Nathalie once had and shared!

....... Patty has a "thing" for swans.

If I mixed up any of the pictures....... hopefully they will forgive me.

If you want to see Margaret's box...... click HERE!

If you want to see MY box....... it's right HERE!

I have to tell you these boxes are a bit time consuming and I started the last three at the same time.
Didn't want to post pictures of these last three until they all had their birthdays! It gave me time with two of them having late November and an early December birthday! 

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's Class Time!

Misty Mawn is starting a new class in mid February!
 If you remember, she did Full Circle in 2014 and I loved it. 
I've done several posts showing the Exploding Box and the Gesso Book from it.
 (I think you can search my blog for Misty Mawn Class and find them.) 
 Anyway....... the rate for the new class goes up next week, so you should look into this.
 I'm taking it, along with some of my friends! Don't get left out!