Friday, November 4, 2011


 Haven't we all wanted to make a slipcover for our car!!!
This one was awesome!

Okay.... International Quilt Festival is exhausting and I seem to get older every year.
And whereas we use to stay til it closed at 7 pm.... yesterday we left about 5:30ish....
I say that before I show you my photo..... I'm so glad I'm in charge of the photos I show you!
 I look best in an altered photo! ha!
We are approaching the time of no more pictures of moi!
 Although... I suspect the key to enjoying getting older is to dress as wild as you can..
I may have to change my style...
 ...isn't she cute! I asked her if I could take her picture!

...for a good cause.....

 Maybe I should have bought these?

Next post will have some pictures of quilts.... that I was allowed to photograph... so many wonderful ones you can't take pictures of!!!


Dianne said...

Love the Bra Babes and the mermaid coat!

Lorrie said...

Looks like some pretty wild times there at the quilt festival!

carole brungar said...

drooling here, waiting for next installment!!

Margaret said...

wonderful Linda, all of it! and no you don't need to change your style, you look fab just the way you are!!

Unknown said...

Get over yourself, Linda, what's not to love about you?

Love the "quilted car". For those long winter months in the garage... or in our case, parked outside!