Monday, November 21, 2011

Purple Stuff

I gave
my daughter the purple Log Cabin quilt that
I made years ago... crib size!

Who knew when I made it that it was for my first grandchild!!

 In case you haven't paid attention.... my daughter has done the nursery in shades of purple..

She bought paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby and some scrapbook paper.
I took them home and traced the letters on the backs of the paper and cut it out and glued them on!
We ended up making a hole in the back of each letter and then hung them on nails and using sticky tak to hold it askew!

   Here is my son's dog with my daughter....
he knows she's going to have a baby and he wants to stay right by her!

and here is the A that I made with
all my purple buttons and all of

Natalea's (Kandeland)
 purple buttons!

Thank you, Natalea!

  I'll show you the other things I made after we hang them in the nursery.... and this letter A will get suspended with purple ribbon. (I bought a stretched canvas, sprayed adhesive on it and then laid the fabric on top.  I printed out an A and cut it out and drew it on the fabric after I glued it down... drew it with a blue fabric marker that washes off.  Then I sewed each button on.  Use a thimble!  It's so easy!


Lorrie said...

Oh what fun you're having waiting for this baby! I love the quilt. Doesn't time pass quickly?

She Who Doodles said...

beautiful little quilt. love the color choice.

Unknown said...

HOw amazing about your started quilt being in the perfect nursery colors! Is everyone dying of baby anticipation yet? (except the dog!-- he looks pretty calm!)

Margaret said...

perfect! your quilt is rapidly gathering a bit of heritage, fab!

Jill said...

Soooooo exciting and pretty things to welcome the little one!
I have six kids and did NOT want to know the sex of any of them before they came, but now that my first grandchild is on the way...I really want to know ahead. They haven't decided yet if they will find out.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh what a lovely much pretty purple and every time I see your sweet expectant daughter I feel so happy!

The letters and your button "A" are fab and the quilt too of course

can you tell I (heart) it all

kandeland said...

the "A" came out great! glad those buttons found a good home!
Have a great Thanksgiving!
xo natalea

Suz said...

How sweet that you are passing the quilt on! I know baby Ashley will be loved and cuddled in it's warmth. Thinking of you non this thanksgiving with gratefulness for your prayers and support in this hard year.
Big hugs,

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Your Grand Child is so lucky to have you :)

I hope you had a fabulous Thanks Giving!

Sandy xox

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Linda,
The baby quilt is so sweet love the purples...
Thank you for your visit today and your great advice. I really appreciate it!
I'am happy to have become your newest follower...
Have a great week!
All the Best,

Jeanie said...

Why am I thinking she will have the coolest nursery ever. Except for where it's toasty warm under that stunning quilt!

Katie said...

Linda it's gorgeous! That is my favorite quilt pattern. I have these hoop dreams where I sew a log cabin quilt...
I just have to pick out colors. I'm stuck on that part. : (