Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day from Texas

Got this image here.
It's the Bastrop fire.
Continue to pray for Texas.
Close friend's family in Bastrop... had to evacuate house in ten minutes last night.
We still don't know about their house. 300 homes burned.

Fire danger big in Texas due to heat, drought and excessive winds.

Some good news yesterday...

Texas A&M football season has begun.....  it was still in the 90's for the night game in College Station.
But there was wind!
In fact there were road closures in College Station due to a brush fire.
We have a really TALL yell leader this year!!!
The Aggies did win! Beat SMU!

......and my soon to be born granddaughter attended her first Aggie game.....
She's due in December!
(yes, that's my daughter)

Gig 'em!

And pray for Texas!


~*~Patty S said...

yes you all are definitely in my prayers and your sweet girl looks darn cute with that 'bump'

football fan on that what her shirt says? ;)
word verification clappoli
that's what I'm doing for you all being out in the heat just for football! :)

Margaret said...

praying for rain Linda, sounds dreadful, weather conditions similar to Australia not so long ago, is there any rain in the forecast?
Cute bump pic mx

Lorrie said...

Sweet photo of your daughter with her little tummy. How exciting for you.

Your wildfires and lack of rain make the news regularly here. Praying for relief.

Unknown said...

I was thinking about you when I saw it on the news. I'll pray for you guys!

Sandy xox

Jeanie said...

I've been thinking of you all often with every news report. Thoughts and prayers are coming your way -- still.