Friday, September 23, 2011

Birds Flying South....

 At least two years ago I ordered a little birdie kit from

You can see her birds

You make them out of paperclay and let that dry 24 hours, then cover them with paper mache.
I left mine pretty bumpy so they are "rather rumpled".
I like them.... I would like to make some smaller ones.
I crocheted the wire to make their necklaces...
I just realized when I published this...
there is a little bit of dust on my table!!!!
Oh my!!!!!

and below is last Saturday's picture of my daughter at the Texas A&M game...
I'll get another one tomorrow.... then we have a few weeks of away games...

I need to get back into blogging more often!
Maybe as the weather cools (???)
and the wildfires cease,
I'll get back into it.

What have you been doing?


Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

I love your birds. I've always wanted to try paperclay. Was it fun? I normally just stick to fabric and stitching though as I'm a terrible painter. hee,hee,hee.
xx, shell

Vickie said...

Cute little birdies, Linda Jo - that looks fun!

So does that Aggie Game. We're hoping to go to some games, too! Looks like your beautiful daughter will soon have a sweet bundle of joy! Congrats!

~*~Patty S said...

The Mom-to-be is absolutely glowing and beautiful!

Your birdies are wonderful Mz L...crocheting with wire!!!
I am extra impressed with that...the posies are a perfect compliment too!

Tweet Tweet birds you made!
p.s. I feel like I am all over the place...flitting from here and there and here it is the weekend again already
Enjoy * Enjoy!

Jeanie said...

Linda, these are fabulous -- I have to start playing with that. Cute as all get out!

Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

Lorrie said...

Sweet birds, Linda. I hope things cool down soon in Texas.

We've been away and I'm trying to get back into blogging. I have so many ideas for projects to do, too.

Margaret said...

Well, I always knew you were a clever one but I LOVE the birdies, rumpled is just the best!
Glowing gal there too, looking very happy!

Unknown said...

Cute birds (whenever I see birds, I think of you!) Crocheting wire is brilliant idea!

Your daughter is the prettiest pregnant woman I have ever seen. And she looks so COOL in the sweltering Texas heat!

Marit said...

A little bit of dust? Oh dear... if you see dust in that pic, photos of my place would freak you out! You must thing I live in a spiders-web... teehee! I love the little bumpy birdies!

Unknown said...

Your Daughter is so pretty! I'm home sick today but I forced myself to decorate and put out my velvet pumpkins.
Sandy xox