Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Madness

I suspect that most of you don't know what March Madness is... or else you think it has something to do with hats or spring flowers. ??? Well, it's about college men's basketball!
And it all starts TODAY! The Final Four is in Houston this year!
(April 2)
And the National Championship is here on April 4!
Let me know if you're coming!


Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

March Madness? Oh. my. This basketball obsessed family plans their calendar around it! Don't ask me why, but for over a decade, we adopted "Duke" as our team...combined, our boys have logged about 12 years at their summer camps. We would LOVE to be in Houston cheering for our Dukies in the championship game, she says optimistically.

If Texas survives until the Sweet 16 round, we'll knock 'em out for you. Okay? So happy to see the Aggies are going to the dance as well. Although it looks like a pretty tough draw on the games you'll be playing. We always cheer for the Aggies if they're not in a position to mess up anything for our Dukie boys! ha!

EnJOY the madness!
xo, Sue

Anonymous said...

oh, and as if i didn't write enough the first time, i'm back. ha ha ha

love that shot of coming into the city. brings back lots of memories! although i was accustomed to seeing a whole lot more traffic at this point in our commute to work. the mr. drove and i dressed and did makeup/hair all the way to work. this is just about the place where i begrudgingly put on the pantyhose! is that too much information?!


~*~Patty S said...

yes March Madness hits here every year...big basketball fans in our house

Lorrie said...

Have fun cheering on your team!

Yes, Linda, you should get on board with Mosaic Monday - I know yours would be full of interest and fun.

Jeanie said...

Wish I could get there, even if my team isn't playing. I'd skip the game and hang with you!

Debe said...

Glad I live in The Woodlands & won't have to worry about the Madness! Going to Antique Week soon aren't we?? My BBF has a friend who has a house in Round Top so we are staying there. Yeah, so excited!!