Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy February!
January is such a month of organization....
it's a relief it's over!
But I'm a HUGE list keeper...
and that does fall into organizational obsessions....
BFF Virginia and I went to an estate sale on this past New Year's Eve.
One of the books I found there was a book filled with pages of listings of books the woman who had lived there had read. I'm sure there was an earlier list...but I couldn't find it. But above is a glimpse. She wrote detailed critiques (I think she was a librarian).
I loved this find - because - yes, I used to do the same.
Only my lists do not reflect any literary education.... I either liked it or I didn't!!! ha!
I reached a place a few years ago where I was mostly reading non-fiction and I stopped keeping the list. I think I need to get back to it. One day someone at my estate sale will be so happy to have it. Right?
and then there is the list of quilts and other sewing projects I made... Once I got into paper art.... well, you know that is IMPOSSIBLE to list!
And there are things in this sewing list that I do NOT remember making.
I can't believe I made a vest for my mother!!!!
And where is it?
Did I find it in her stuff when we were cleaning out and wonder where she got that tacky thing?
So now I have a blog...which is my latest version of a list!
Do you have any old lists you want to divulge?


Hope said...

I think it is really neat. I have my grandparents 'travel' lists. Where they went ...how much gas was. It is pretty funny. I loved Scarlett! That was just a wonerful book....I have a secret crush on Rhett!

Vickie said...

I'm not much of a list keeper, but my mom is AND my daughter. My mom keeps lists on stickies all over her fridge, bathroom mirror, etc. My daughter doesn't leave the laying around, but occasionally I find one of hers. She's journals and keeps lists in her journal. They're always interesting. She's the most organized person I know, while yours truly is exactly the opposite! I should have taken after my mom, I guess. My daughter certainly did!

~*~Patty said...

not much of a list keeper...notes on scraps of paper is more my style...yes, I could use a little more organization in my life

must be really fun to go over your lists from years gone by...with my memory it would be a really good idea...but as you said mixed media doesn't really work like that...I do use my bbb as part of my memory now :)

Stay warm!

Unknown said...

I have lists of things I sold on ebay several years ago with the prices I paid and what I got for the item. Only *I* will ever find that an interesting read! ha!

Your photos are so pretty. Who knew lists were so photogenic?

Lorrie said...

I have lists of things in my journal - things like gift ideas, things I want to make, projects to do.
And I have lists all over - shopping lists, things to do lists, etc. Lists tell a lot about a person.

Lorrie said...

I have lists of things in my journal - things like gift ideas, things I want to make, projects to do.
And I have lists all over - shopping lists, things to do lists, etc. Lists tell a lot about a person.

Julia said...

Linda...I love your list. I read alot of the same books...and I agree with you on The Corrections...ha.

Keep listing. xoxo, Julia

Margaret said...

Oh oh a list keeper extrodinaire!! they'll make fab journal pages, little bit of paint, a picture or two to compliment your text! fab!

Jeanie said...

For a bezillion years, my friend Suzanne and I used to list everything. Plays we saw, movies we saw, books we read, projects we did. She still does. I still write down the books. Maybe the blog is my list... never thought about that before!

Sue@myartsdesire.typepad.com/my_weblog/ said...

Oh Linda,
I can't tell you how much I loved this post. As an avid reader who loves, loves, loves books I so wish I had kept a journal of the books I've read.

I have boxes and boxes and boxes of books I've read in the basement I need to sort through and [reluctantly] part with a lot of them. Who knows, maybe if I add the titles in a journal it'll make it easier to pass them along.

What a GREAT FIND at the estate sale! I can't help but think how wonderful it would be to have a journal such as yours that once belonged to my Mother, or Grandmother, etc. Such a great insight into their life.

Thanks for such an enJOYable post!
xo, Sue