Friday, February 11, 2011

Angels are Gathering

Angels continue to gather on my dining room table....
many, many more still scheduled to arrive by next Friday!!!
These are just a sampling of the angels from four of the participants
in the Paper Angel Swap
I'm hosting on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group
as referenced here.

I'm struggling to make Valentines this year.

I just can't seem to get going on that.

I think it's too late actually.

So if you are thinking I might send you one..... just know I'm not.


So I was just looking back at my blog in February of the last few years...

I think I've made enough Valentines to be able to skip this year.

I'll be sharing prior years' work in the next few days. I'm resting on my laurels....

Now you go make some Valentines tho....don't be like me!


Unknown said...

GOODNESS! I still have to make 3 angels! I will join your "No Valentines This Year" club. Will you be issuing membership cards? Er, silly question-- that would require you to MAKE CARDS. heehee

Dogwood said...

So many sweet angels.
I love angels.
I went crazy making Valentines this year. Had the time so went for it.
Happy weekend to you.

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

It must be so fun when a packet of these arrive in the mail! Just like Christmas all over again. {that blue flow? plate they are sitting on looks mighty interesting too!}

And I'm in your club of no valentine's to send out this year. Just one for my sweetie...{and store bought for the kiddos}. Maybe next year?

margaret said...

Great looking swap you have going on there and yes I also have my eye on that plate of yours!
I've also managed to miss Valentines this year, oh well, what's next? Easter? think I can just about organise somethng by then!

Anonymous said...

Your angels are all so pretty!

Jeanie said...

Rest away! Those angels are absolutely wonderful. I bet they'll be incredibly diverse! Can't wait to see more!

Dawn said...

Hi Linda!
That same angel pattern was made and framed for me by my friend, Debby, years ago.
She recently passed away from a long battle with MS.
I treasure that angel paper cutting.
I hang it on my Christmas tree every year.

I will be back to see the owl later.