Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuff I Got

Yes, I bought a wasp's nest.

Bought these old letters from Jill Suzanne. And now that I've read them, I want more of them.

This couple, in 1936 Texas, was corresponding and planning their summer wedding.

I believe she (Nan) taught at Austin College

(that's how the newspaper clipping listed the college name).

He was Leroy Kimbrough and worked in the lab for Hoovers

developing a sweetener in Beaumont.

He made 82 cents an hour!

I'm trying to just let it go.

They were getting married that summer...

so I'm sure their letters stopped at that point.

I may have to write to Suzanne.....

Got some old linens and embroidered pieces to cut up.
And a Mexican parakeet at Junk Gypsy.
Good prices on the small deer (for my glitter houses) and the santa picks!
(at Cole's Antiques...where it's air conditioned and has bathrooms!)
(and they have nothing newer than 1959) a little over a year ago I could not find a metal flower frog to save my life in Canton.

They are all over the place between Round Top and Warrenton.

The current issue of Flea Market Decorating has that one that has the heart shapes!

I just went to their site to get the url and I see

that their 2nd issue will be out next February!!

You know what that means?

That means that the "current issue" I bought this week

is one I already have. It all looked new to me.

My friend, Julia, was pointing out to me

how much n e u t r a l is out "there"...

and all the burlap and linen....

I could've bought stamped burlap and stamped linen and made my own pillow,

(they had a ton)

but I would not have done that cording....

so paid sweet little old man $40 for the pillow

(although he was going to sell it to me for $35, but his daughter said it was $40).

I didn't want her to fuss at him.

Do you make purchases to make people happy, too?


Lorrie said...

love that pillow!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Oh, you did find some treasures, Linda! I'm so with you on the old letters....esp. to have a wad from the same writers. So much history used to get recorded this way...this generation's "letters" are locked inside computers...or worse yet, text msgs! And yes, I have been known to buy just to please someone. The best story...we were up at our cabin in a teenie tiny town in North Carolina and noticed a sign that the community center was having a craft sale. Okay. I went. It was mostly stuff my grandmother would have been excited about...but I bought something. When the hubs saw what I bought, he asked "why did you buy THAT?"

My answer: "Because I accidentally made eye contact with the sweetest little lady............."

But I do like your pillow and cording can be a bear to you did good! Xo, Sue

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love all of your tresures! Now, if I would have known that you wanted a wasps nest I would have sent you one. We had several that we knocked down. Now what are you going to make with that wasp nest?

Irma :)

Suz said...

Oh, you got some really good stuff! I love the wasp's nest. I totally understand why you got that. And yes, I do make purchases to make people happy...I sure would have for the sweet little old man!

This looks like so much fun.

Unknown said...

Great buys! Love those deer and Santas. Yes, I have bought things to make someone happy. Or rtaher, to support their cause. :)

Mary said...

looks like so much fun!

Jeanie said...

I just DID make purchases to make others happy! They don't have to be big -- they just have to be wonderful!

I would have bought those letters and Christmas bits, too. Glad we both weren't there -- we would have been a-fightin'!

Unknown said...

You got some GREAT stuff!
Love those unique flower frogs.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Julia said...

You got a lot for being so hot!

I may try a couple of different places this weekend but I know the traffic will be horrible. What to do....what to do?

Aggies are on t.v. tonite! Gig'em.

xoxo, Julia

Dogwood said...

what great finds. love, love the linen pillow. so pretty. oh how very sweet to read those letters! a little look into the love of the young couple planning their wedding.

have a nice evening. enjoy...

Unknown said...

I bought some burlap in the States for that very reason. I love the heart shaped floral frog.You got some great stuff! I especially like the letters. You must write to Suzanne.

Sandy xox

P.S Thanks for Kayla's birthday wishes!

Debe said...

You got more stuff than I did but I sure had a good time. Wish I could do it all over again & I am sure I would find more stuff!