Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mail Call

Thought I'd show you some of the great stuff I've gotten in the mail
in the last few months that I have failed to show you.
I ordered the fun pennant notecard and the fabulous stitched "purse" from
Carole at her
The little purse/bag is darling and I can use it for lots...
but mostly some little stitching scraps to carry in my purse for emergency idle times!
Below is a charm that Natalea, (my Silver Bella Buddy)
from New York,sent me....
she sent them to a bunch of us in a giveaway awhile back.
She has an Etsy Shop, too...

My dear, sweet Anna.... she wrote me a long, long letter

on lined paper the other day!

It was just like the olden days!

Inside she stuck a little stitching for me!

Anna and family just moved from California to Oman!

So she's not been able to update her blog for awhile...

but soon!

(if you ever play Blog Trivial Pursuit...

Anna left the very first comment on my blog...over 500 posts ago!)

Patty won a giveaway from me a week ago...

it had some lace in it that I had dyed.

She scanned the lace and printed it out and made a card for me!!!!

Don't you love it? And she stuck some collage goodies inside and mailed it to me!

I love getting mail from the blog world!

Nathalie sent me this old newspaper from 1959.

I wanted it to use in gift wrapping special items,

but it is so fun to read!

You can find great things in her Ruby Floy Etsy Shop...

and if there are no old newspapers there, just ask!

Next is a get well card that Margaret sent me from Switzerland!
Don't you love it when you find just the Right Thing!
On the back she wrote....Hope you are back on your feet soon!
(I had foot surgery)
(Those are candy buttons.)

Below is an ATC that Christy Grant sent me!

I kind of left hints on her blog about loving it!

When I mail cards out...if I use a real greeting card, I try and alter it somehow.

I was mailing a sympathy card this week to a girl in my "real life". Sympathy cards don't lend themselves to altering really.... but I sewed some lace across the top.

I thought that was perfect since it was her grandmother she lost.

Mail someone some of your creativity today!


Lorrie said...

This is a lovely lot of mail - so many sweet things. Anna's stitching is so pretty - I have one similar to add to my sampler when it arrives.

~*~Patty S said...

Oh MY this post is full to the brim with sweet and lovely things (my little thank you card included, surprise ... surprise!)

Such pretty things and I really appreciate the time you spent putting in all of the linkie links too Ms Linda!

The land of blog is such a great place to be!

Kateyed said...

Amazing treasures! I LOVE getting sweet mail like this and think you must send a lot of it out to get all this back! What you do comes right back, I say! Thanks...these are a treat!

(come and see me in Prague, if you wish!)

Margaret said...

wonderful post jam packed with fab goodies, love the little purse from Carole! have you eaten your buttons yet??

Unknown said...

What fun stuff! After reading Margaret's comment, I had to check back to the photo of her card-- edible buttons, yep, I can see 'em!

I need to list some newspapers for sale in my etsy (thanks for the reminder!)

BadPenny said...

Wonderful things to receive.
I just sent off my butterfly for the butterfly effect project & popped a made card in too - m,akes you feel good doesn't it ?

Jeanie said...

Wow -- don't you love wonderful mail? You really made a haul and it's all absolutely beautiful!