Saturday, July 17, 2010

What's Your Garden Heritage?

I dooooo like me some metal flowers!
I have some more that never got taken out of the garage after Hurricane Ike.
After hauling all my little goodies out of the yard before Ike blew into Houston,
I vowed I would not put all of it back out there!
But I'm seeing some things online that make me realize I need to do more container gardening.
After my daughter's wedding (two weeks from today), I'm making a fairy garden!
I have a Master Gardener friend, Brenda, that works in a local gardening shop
and Thursday she was making one for a customer.
She knows that I want to make my own
she's going to call me when their little chair sets arrive.
They have the most darling little metal structures
(I can't think what you call them...not a pagoda, but a .....)
with a tiny little chandelier hanging inside!
Brenda said "you probably have some moss growing in your yard with all the rain we've had".
Hmmm....haven't seen any....perhaps I will look.
Then I can harvest it for my fairy garden!
This is the one she was working on....

I have decided that my flower leanings go back to my Grandmother Louella.

Her flower gardens are the first I remember


I just know she would love all these embellishments.

I also want to make a container junk garden....

Go check out Sassytrash's.

And be sure and go to older posts and see

her May 14 one. My grandmother and most of my heritage is in Georgia...

makes me think there's something to that....

Sassytrash is in Georgia, too.

I like their gardens!


Lorrie said...

It will be fun to have a project to look forward to after the wedding celebrations. A fairy container garden sounds like just the thing!

Kateyed said...

That container garden looks like a good craft project for you,Linda Jo! I would love to see what you come up with!


Unknown said...

The good thing about metal flowers-- they are always in bloom!

And you can weed eat around them and not worry about hacking them down... Come to think of it, Round Up won't kill them either!

I can't wait to see YOUR fairy garden. I will send you a Matchbox car to add to it...

LittleRed said...

That is just plain adorable:) I had never heard of a fairy garden before. Thanks for sharing....I'll be waiting to see what yours looks like too!

Dogwood said...

oh, my i can not stop looking at the pictures of your sweet garden. i love adding "various different garden art" to my garden. so much fun and add a silliness to the garden. dogwood

Jeanie said...

I love the idea of a fairy garden! That's so magical! I may have to one day "borrow" that idea from you (in my spare time!). That'll be a good post-wedding gig!

~*~Patty said...

Oh YES, fairy gardens and yard art ... it's ALL good ... the fairy garden I planted in a blue ceramic birdbath is doing really well, it's under cover a bit so I can control the watering since there is no drainage in it!
Can't wait to see what you create ... you are going to have SO much free time after the wedding me thinks :)

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Linda Jo ~
I love your fairy garden idea and cannot wait to see yours ~ I am sure it will be wonderful! Sending you many blessings for a wedding and union that will be filled with many years of joy! Love and miss you ~ Katie (Tell Virginia hello from me! Hope she starts blogging soon!)

Margaret said...

after the wedding right?? how many times have you said that?? lol... you're going to be so busy you're not going to have time to oil those blooms of yours!