Friday, July 9, 2010

Obsessed Friends

You know from the title of my blog that I have obsessions.
So I see that as a good word!
I mean..... WHO doesn't?
Do you have any friends that have obsessions you can benefit from?
If not... you should find some.
I have a friend that is currently (note these things change) obsessed with embroidery and related stitching.
If you are new to my blog,
I will tell you that during 2010
we have been exchanging what we call "fragments" of stitching.
Whatever that means!
If you go up in the top left corner you can search Embroidery on my blog and see a bunch!
So BFF Virginia (often referred to as BFFV) gave me her piece for July a couple of weeks ago.
So now I have to make my July fragment.
But this is what she gave me for July to satisfy her need to do a white on white piece.
And since my daughter gets married the end of this month...
it is the "bridal fragment"!!!!
Isn't it lovely!!!
And she also gave me a little blank book to sketch in.
We both are always drawing things we want to stitch.
BFFV is all about being able to grab it and take it with her
or keep it in her purse if caught off guard.
We both have several accessories to carry our embroidery stuff around in.
About a week ago I went to pick my car up from a small repair
and ended up having to wait almost 2 hours because I found
something else wrong with it.
If only I had had my emergency purse sized stitching kit!
I am now in the process of assembling that!
You never know when you might need it.
Doncha love the machine embroidered muslin strip?
Do you have an obsessed friend you can benefit from?
Do your friends benefit from any of your obsessions?
Just asking.......


~*~Patty said...

great post and brilliant idea to always have something along ... that would make waiting anywhere cinchy!

whenever I take a book to the doctor's office ... I never seem to have to wait, but if I don't ... well you know ;)

BFFV's white on white is stunning and inspiring and I Love it ... so perfect for your bridal month too!

I thank my lucky stars for ALL of my obsessed friends ... they know who they are :)

Caterina Giglio said...

I am with Patty... whenever I am prepared to wait, I don't have to, guess that is insurance!
love the white on white piece!

VB said...

Funny post!! You know, stitching is calming for me and waiting without something to do makes me absolutely crazy. Not sure why most people think "obsessed" has a negative connotation - it can be very productive as we all know.

Unknown said...

Well, if it weren't for obsessions, there would be no Martha Stewart Living and no movies by Oliver Stone (who typifies obsession run amuck) and well, VB would have lost her mind a long time ago with nothing to do while she waited for doctor's visits, tardy lunch dates and cars being repaired.

And I wouldn't be getting so many beautiful gifts from friends who are obsessed with making and sending me things! Hurray for obsessions!!!! Well, and my house would resemble something from an episode of "Buried Alive" if I were not obsessed with selling things in my etsy shop! ha!

And BTW, VB's white on white is stunning! The girl could make some serious money and garner a lot of fame doing classes and books. And Linda, if you did not obsessively blog about Virginia, we would have never known about her talents. Have you ever offered to be her agent? You two would make an AWESOME team!

Unknown said...

It's great that we can pass the time by stitching- no matter where we are. I love the white piece and the emboidered log in the last piece. Obsessions are great in the art/collecting world. You're lucky to have a friend who shares her obsessions with you!

Sandy xoxo

Jeanie said...

A stunner. And what a wonderful idea, taking along. I often take a book but stitching is more productive!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

This one puts a smile on my face Linda ~ I just love you gals!