Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Silver Bella.... 2009 ... more...

Above is what I made in Rebecca Sower's class that I call the "cigar box class".
She gave us kits that had everything we needed. All I supplied was the box and the background paper. I also used a few of my own buttons and stuff and one of Virginia's for what is strung on the wire. I love her classes - I always leave with a finished project. I am going to glue a button on one of my blocks and maybe add a mica sheet....but otherwise it's complete!
These two are Rebecca's class samples. I also have a stick I can use, but I chose to use the flowers in my first one. Yes, I will be making more of these! I simply love them.
Below is Sabrina that was at SB for the first time.
She's from Florida... hopefully I have her moo card somewhere...
Here are Peggy, Katie and Janey.
That Peggy is always moving! Janey and me!!! Janey was one of my first Silver Bella friends at Silver Bella 2007!
Jo Packham was a wonderful speaker. She had us all in tears.... and laughing.
I didn't crop out the background cause you can see Teresa McFayden at the podium and Jo Packham, our speaker, of Where Women Create...which was there taking photos for an upcoming issue...standing in front of the podium... and I think that's Jennifer Murphy at the table to the right with her back to us...I took her Bundle Up Birdie class and loved it... and the blonde at that table is Charlotte Lyons. Jennifer and Charlotte and Teresa all have Silver Bella updates on their blogs today.
Carol at Raised in Cotton has some great photos of vendor night on her blog.
.... more later this week ....


carole brungar said...

Loving these blog posts Linda!! Your shadow box is fantastic! (shhhh....dare I say it nicer than Rebecca's?)

sharon said...

I love your box. Definitely something I would enjoy making. Maybe Rebecca will sell kits for them in her etsy shop. Looks like Silver Bella was a blast.

Malisa said...

You are back! I am back! We are back! Looks like you had SO much fun!


Margaret said...

Ok so I was sighing at the last post but I'm squealing at this one, I love Rebecca's style and you're one lucky gal to be part of her class. I love your shadow box and all your wired doodads! are the sqaures raised? how did you do the paper in between? are they inchies or bigger? questions questions?? even the closeups don't give the game away! M

ooglebloops said...

Your cigarbox is great!!! Looks like you had a great time there - maybe we will see you in an issue of Where Women Create!!!

~*~Magpie's Nestw said...

fun seeing pics of your fantastic get away!

the cigar boxes ARE fantastic, makes me itch to try one ... I certainly have a collection of cigar boxes!

great pics, now I'm off to check out the links :)

Unknown said...

Well, I can't add much new to everyone else's exclaimations! Your box is wonderful. Good job!

I need to go check links now to get more of Silver Bella!

Jeanie said...

These are great. She is officially on my "someday" list.

I'm catching up after Rick's accident this past weekend so if I don't comment on every post, it's not because I won't be wild about every single thing you do!

I should be back on regular schedule soon!

susi said...

I am so green with envy! One of these years hopefully I will find my way to silver bella. love your shadow box! thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words on my blog. I still have your "home" canvas hanging by my desk... love it!

sabrina sane said...

Thrilled to make it on your blog in Rebecca Sowers class. Yes, that was the only project that came home completed and I love it!! Yours is wonderful. So happy to meet up with you all on the flight and then our jaunt into town and Second Chance together. No blog (yet) so I posted my photos on the Flickr site for SB. You can link there. I have just one project left to finish now, Pam Garrison's wreath.

Anonymous said...

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